Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Making Memories & Jennifer Shabro

Making Memories recently started using guest designers on their company blog, and on April 24th, they featured the work of Jennifer Shabro. Unfortunately, there was something Making Memories obviously didn't know about Shabro, but which quickly came to light on several internet scrapbooking forums: Shabro was convicted of a felony for embezzling over $100,000 in cash and merchandise from the local scrapbook store she worked at.
Over the weekend, internet forums seethed with people furious at Making Memories for promoting the scrapbooking of someone who had been convicted of this major crime in association with her scrapbooking. Many vowed to never purchase Making Memories products again.
This morning, Making Memories became aware of the situation. Shabro's guest designer post has been pulled from their site and they issued a statement via their blog and the media saying they had no knowledge of her criminal conviction when her work was selected for the site.

I cant believe someone would have the nerve to steal that amount of supplies and only receive 180 days, to be served on consecutive weekends, and five years of formal probation. Are you kidding me. Wow. What about 5 years in jail. You can check out the story here Article.

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