Monday, October 27, 2008

5 year plan

Just a quick post to let you know I'm still here. Nothing new or exciting to tell so I wont bore you with nothing, but I have managed to find a couple minutes of alone time to scrap. (yay for me) I cant decide how to scrap our pumpkin patch trip, so I've been working with older pics instead. I think I'm now caught up to Blake's 16th month of life, with the 9th month milestone page exception.

Our house hunt is not getting any better. With the economy as it is, and Josh going back to school full time, we have decided to hold off on buying. The houses in our price range is not in the location we want to be. I need to be able to go out to check to mail at midnight and feel safe doing so and sadly our price range doesn't allow that. We have a 5 year plan in place now so that allows Josh time to concentrate on school. Its not idea, but its the best choice for long term family happiness. So beginning in January 2009, our plan is to put $3,600 minimum a year in the bank for the next five years but $5,000 being our goal. Any extra would be terrific, but lets not go insane with it, everyone likes to shop sometimes.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Burts Pumpkin Farm

Sunday, we visited Burts Pumpkin farm. My sister Connie and Josh's stepbrother BJ and his family went with us. We took a hayride through the North Georgia mountains, in the crisp cool autumn air. The trail leads through tranquil mountain stream into popcorn and pumpkin fields. After stopping at the pumpkin house to hear Burt’s talking pumpkins, Autumn and Gourdy, the hayride then proceeds on a two mile trip down a winding mountain road. The hayride ends looking down from a panoramic hilltop view of Burt’s farm and breath taking Amicalola Falls.

We seen thousands of Pumpkins from 1 pound to 150. The farm was filled Indian corn, cornstalks, hay bales, winter squash, gourds and fall decorations. Blake wanted to walk around and explore the pumpkin patches, he in no way wanted to be held. We had a nice time. I love Autumn. The nice breeze blowing your hair and the beautiful colors around you. I love the burnt oranges, reds, and browns.

Its sad to say, but I think this is our first family photo since we left the hospital with Blake. He is now 18 months old too.

BJ and his family.