Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's official...

....I'm an aunt. Baby Landon,
made his arrival yesterday February 26th, just before 5 pm. My sister had a bit of trouble with the delivery, and they had to use the vacuum suction but they both are doing fine now. My sisters lucky little butt didnt get any stretch marks either. Ahhh! She is the tiny size 1 type so go figure right.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nasty Falls during the night

Its around 2:30 am when I am suddenly awakened to a loud thumb followed by the loudest cries. I jump out of bed to find that Blake had been sleeping with me in my bed, which is about waist high on me, and had managed to roll around and fall off. On the way down, he hit the corner of my night stand plus the bed rails, which left a nasty gash in his forehead, a busted up lip, plus a huge knot on the side of his head. The poor little guy looked like he had been in a bad fight and lost the battle! I jump to my feet, scoop him up, and lay him on the bed. All I see is blood all over his little face. OMG talk about scary, your 2 year olds face covered in blood, is NOT something you want to wake up too. He is better now, but I do think this may leave him with a small scar on his face. :( I do think when we hear those little pitter patter feet, it will back to Blake's bed for this little guy.

I really hope to get something scrapped tomorrow. With this pregnancy and being so tired, I have not did anything creative in over a month. Geessh! I miss it. This is probably why Im so tense too. I should be set I have these 3 lovely collections sitting on the table, just waiting for me. Hopefully I can use these, I shamefully must admit, I still have the 98% of Cosmo's Mr Campy line that I can't use. I don't want to "waste" it on the wrong pictures.

I'm looking forward to the next two upcoming weeks. This Thursday night, we have tickets to see George Strait. I'm excited and the following Tuesday is my big ultrasound date. We haven't fully decided on whether we will find out the sex of not, but I'm leaning toward YES. can you believe I am already 19 weeks along.
Ok folks, off to bed for the night.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Money doesn't buy Class

So I thought I would share a little story with you today.

Last week at work a couple coes in to pick up their RV. Its an early 2000 model coach made by Damon. (bus type) They are a couple in their 50's. He is a doctor and she is the my poop doesn't stink, Im above you type. The lady looks over her unit and literally finds something wrong with every single inch of the thing it seems. The outside wasnt clean enough, the awning wasn't clean enough (it was stained from mildew). She purchased a Deluxe interior cleaning package. I know Deluxe sounds awesome but its not. That only includes cleaning the floors, glass, cabinet exterior, appliances, and bathroom. Ok I personally cleaned her refrigerator out. When we took the unit in, the frig was covered in black mold and mildew. So much that the bottom shelf was completely Black. I had to use the Lysol ready wipes and literally wipe every crease and cranny, shelf, wire rack, draw, bins etc. this took me almost 2 hours to clean out. Now imagine what this refrigerator smelt like. Now back to today, the lady calls me an incompetent redneck bc I used the Lysol wipes to clean it and now her frig has a "clean" chemical smell. OMG what do you expect, its spotless now and of course it smells clean, it took me 2 hours to clean it up. She wanted to know why we used the Lysol wipes to clean it with instead. ..... Hello.... first thats bc thats what we use and second bc they are antibacterial and you had fungus growing there we needed something to kill it. Duh! Then she wanted to say we did not clean out the side storage pockets on her seats. Hello no and we are not suppose to. She didn't purchase the Leather and upholstery package, so no we do not touch the seats. Just goes to show you that money can't buy class. .......... And in case you are wondering I bite my tongue and was extremely nice to her and explained everything to her until she called me incompetent redneck, thats when I told her I had enough and I was finished with her and turn around and left.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

It February!

And that means its my birthday. Yay. This year was the best birthday Ive had in years. I woke to a little boy in my face screaming Happy Birthday mommy, followed by a huge whoo, several times over and over again. My dear hubby and son both bought me a card. I must admit Blake's was so much better than Josh's. It sang me Twinkle Twinkle little star and it had Blake's voice recorded saying Happy Birthday to me. I loved it. They also give me a huge bunch of roses and took me to dinner. I felt very loved this year.

Toby is doing better. Lucky they said he didn't have the mange and was just allergic to a flea or insect bite. They changed his flea medication to an oral one instead of the liquid drops. It does appear to already be growing back and healing so I hope that was all it was.

Fast forward to today baby bean is exactly 17 weeks baked. I can't believe we are almost half way through. My next appointment is on March 2 for the bug ultrasound. I'm very excited to see what we are having. Some people think this is a girl, but I kinda feel like its a boy. If its a girl, I'm hoping I can talk Josh into all 3 of us wearing pinks shirts to spill the beans so to speak.

Names have been the subject for the last few weeks in our house. For a girl we have narrowed it down to these Joslyn, Addilyn, Haley, Whitney, or Kaelyn. Her middle name would be Arabella. As for boys, we can not agree. Zachary, Jaxson, Ryan and Weston have all been thrown around but I can't commit to either right now. I love Jayden but Josh hates it. Does anyone have any suggestion for boy names? I seriously, seriously would love to hear them.

This is the only page Ive done in weeks. I'm to tired to do anything it seems. I hope to be back to my old self again soon. I'm hoping some of the new products from CHA will be inspire me.