Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Ad this" bucket head


I am back again, yep, to show you my guest design team layout's big reveal. (now I sound all important hehe)

<----------Here is the current weeks ad over at Ad This blog. It's really cool and of course makes me think of music instantly, therefore I went with another topic. I figure everyone will see music with this one. The twist is to include some type stitches on your page. I'd love to see everyone participate, you won't be sorry, they have some awesome prizes for taking. So here it is.

Talk about being bored, we are still without cable. I haven't watch TV in almost 2 months and I can say I'm missing my favorites. The comcast folks sent the installers out today, but failed to make arrangements for the guys that actually run the main outside wires. Hello, we told you they were no prior service here and that would have to be done first. So we shall wait. Again!

Look at this treasure I found on Sunday, and for only $13. Wow. I kinda have a thing for the faux
alligator skin bags, and I love this bright yellow for summer. Yellow makes me happy!!! Crossing that one off my list, and now I'm on the lookout for a beautiful orange bag. Random fact, I'm the type of girl who doesn't carry your plain black or brown bag.

And last but definitely not least, Look what came in the mail today for the super fabulous mega talented Beth . This lovely package, that the PO neglected and abused. Doesn't the envy look so sad and mangled? Hey united states postal service AKA USPS, I think we pay enough to send a package, so if you could please be kind and gentle, I would appreciate it.

But safe in sound hiding inside were these beauties. Yes I think thickers are a beautiful invention, not only are they useful and pretty, they are totally awesome. Thickers make me happy!!! BTW whats your favorite thickers font? I love some many, but I think my favorite is the jewerly box font. I wanna know, So do tell?

(thanks Beth)

Off to bed, again. We have to return a truck we were going to buy for Josh today. Short version, we take the truck, fill it with gas, start home, drive about 15 minutes, take the exit ramp and the oil pressure flat lines. I know if you drive it in that condition it will blow up the motor. Anyway, The truck has sat for 8-9 months now, but I'm no mechanic. FIL says its probably needs a new oil pump or just the oil and filter is clogged and needs changed. We don't know. One doesnt want to have issues with a new vehicle (thought not brand new) 30 minutes after driving away. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Esteban needs to eat some pizza

A good friend of mines, little guy Esteban needs help collecting pop tabs for his Kindergarten class at school. The classroom that collects the most tabs by the end of April will win a pizza party. I loved pizza parties at school, always cool. But they are little and what a huge disappointment to the class that doesn't win. Why cant they celebrate on a job well done and have a combined Kindergarten pizza party? Anyway Little E, here are the tabs, I've collected for you so far. They are around 80 in there thus far. If you can help him, go here or if your local give me your tabs and I'll get them to him.

I played along with the Challenge over at AD This again this week. We had to use frames in our page. I choose to make my frame from lace.

Blake had his first visit to the pediatric dentist on Friday. The Doc said his teeth are perfect and way better than most kids she sees. (That makes me an even prouder mommy! Imagine my BIG TEETHY SMILE) His teeth are so important to me. Its one of those things I worry about, when maybe I shouldn't so much. After all he has brushed them from day one and has used 6 tubes of Orajel Training toothpaste in 15 months. Even though his checkup went good, Blake wasn't so happy to be there, but his dentist office so stinking cute.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

saw this on Hambly

If your looking for a craft project, I saw this on the Hambly blog and had to check it out. They are gorgeous, and they are paper. wow, I'm adding to my ever growing project list.

Woo-Hoo to me! I was so excited and bit surprised to win the challenge over at Ad This last week. I loved the ad immediately and my page was done in no time. Gotta love when that happens. They asked me to guest design next week, and let me tell you this ad is fabulous too. I have my layout finished, but I still need to journal and photo it. The weather was nasty here today, and tomorrow is calling for rain again. Everyone should go check this site out, this weeks ad is cool and all you need to do is use frames on your layout. The prize package is a collection of transparencies, and you know how expensive they are. Check it out.

After Blake tossed Josh's cell in the tub last week, we finally decided it was time to get new phones. I've been dealing with my pink razr for 2 years now, and it's the worst cell I've ever owned. So SO so glad to see it gone!! We both ended up with the New Samsung Behold. Its a pretty cool phone so far.

Have you heard of Myxer.com. Love that site, free ringtones, but you need access to the net from your phone or someone who can send it to you one. This is my new general ringtone.

More from RingMyName.com at Myxer

And of course I have to have this one.... love this song.

More from MilForSmurf2008 at Myxer

Yesterday Blake helped Pappy with some yard work. This boy loves outside, but I think all little boys love outside huh? Here are a few snapshots of his amazement with the water sprinkler.

Oh and this one cracks me up. This is the new moms taking pictures so I need to wave at the camera to say hello.

(I just realized the storage building and our sofa is the same color). Anyway this is a photo of Blake being a boy. Lately he LOVES to remove all the cushions and pillows from the sofa, and jump off the couch onto them.

I'm off to prepare dinner. Were having Philly cheese steak sandwiches. Yummy!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ad this

So this week I decided to play along with the challenge over at Ad This. Here is the ad were we given, and a technique was to make a list and use a different font for each item on the list. If you've never seen this site you must check them out. Very cool and a different take on scrapping in general.

My results. I always wanted use this Live out Loud paper from Reminisce, but never could figure out how. I add Rhinestones to the outside edge because the ad reminded me of old Hollywood and the glam so that means Bling. I also had to use some stickles on the title and the little MS butterflies. (PS I still love that punch and now that spring is here you, look out.) This prompt was perfect. I hope everyone likes this page. I really do.

Does anyone have any suggestions for Kit clubs? Has any used LRS before?

I'll leave you with a quick photo of my little guy watering the grass for the first time. He loved it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Free Bling from Prima!

What a day! My son had a play date with little Miss Kaden today. They play just like siblings, with laughter, and the fighting. LOL. They are so cute together. We are babysitting Kaden tomorrow, so Blake will be happy. I should have taken a few pictures today. I will tomorrow if its nice outside.

I haven't really been scrapping any this week. Instead I'm getting some exercise in. That's right Billy Blanks boot camp. LOL I hope I can keep it up. I really want to lose about 10 pounds. We'll see. I've already pulled a muscle in the back of my leg, and ouch its really sore today. I'm to lazy to workout, but since I'm quickly approaching 30, I see that I'm going to have too. Also this may be a sign that its time to move to the adult section.

I forgot to upload this page last week so hope you all like it. Its the group shot from halloween. Blake is crying bc he was ready to nap in the car instead of taking pictures.

Free Bling!

We know that times are tough and every dollar counts. So, to thank you for spending your hard earned dollars on Prima products, we are going to send you a free gift.
How can you participate?

It's easy!

Just send us your original receipt for $25 (or more) plus the UPC barcodes from your Prima purchases. Include a self addressed envelope (we'll pay for the postage to get your prize to you) and we will send you a package of our Say It In Studs frame pictured on the right ($3.00 retail value). Please include your e-mail address so that we can let you know of upcoming specials like this in the future.

The fine print:

* Your receipt needs to be dated anytime between March 15th and April 15th.
* Product as pictured while supply lasts
* Prima reserves the right to substitute an item of equal value
* All receipts and UPC barcodes must be original - no mechanical copies permitted
* Prima is not responsible for missing/undelivered entries
* There is no limit to the number of times you can participate!
* Please allow 3-4 weeks processing time

Don't forget the UPC barcodes:
Send your entries to:

Customer Service

Prima Marketing, Inc

5564 Edison Ave

Chino, CA 91710

Monday, March 16, 2009

OMG ModSheets! Whoa

OMG!!! have you seen these little guys? What a fabulous idea. They are called ModSheets. Love them. The blue ones are especially lovely, don't ya think? Has anyone tried these? They come 3 sheets per set with 10 popular patterns.

I can see other companies following in line with this idea, like they all jumped on board with the die cut paper. These are so cool.

I'm not a big fan of SIS bc I find their site hard to navigate, but I hear they are adding a mini mod kit to their site. I cant wait to see that. It sounds so cool IMO.

A silly Page

Just a quick post today. I finished week #2 use your ribbons challenge over at SBC. I really like these pictures of Blake and I. This was the first successful round of silly faces were he is actually making faces too. IRL the color in the top pics matches that of the bottom too. Do you recognize these papers? They are from the bookshelf collection from American Crafts. Does anyone know how old they are? I found them in the bottom of my PP drawer and I cant remember buying them. I still adore the colors though.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

spiderman shall moonwalk in april

Whats going on Peeps. I love saying that this time of the year. Spring is around the corner, the sun is creeping out to awake the Earth, and the aisles are filled with beautiful color and chocolate bunnies. I'm really not a big chocolate fan, but I love to look at them.

Blake is becoming a little man more and more with each glorious day. He can say anything he wants to now, the key being IF and WHEN he wants too. I guess thats a toddler for you. I cant believe how fast he is growing right before my eyes. His birthday is a bit over a month away. WOW, where did those 700 plus days go. Before I know it he will be asking for my keys, to take some cheerleader out on a date. He is starting to eat a little better, but his diet consist of Chicken Nuggets, Sausage Links, French Fries, Yogurt Drops, and Bananas. Those are the only things he will eat, unless you include chips. This boy loves him some chips. Classic, Salt and Vingear, BBQ, Cheddar and Sour Cream, even Ketchup flavored, which BTW are gross IMO, but he doesnt care as long as its a chip. My cousin Billy was the same way as a child. He loved them, just as much as Blake does now, heck maybe even more.

Of course I have been working on some crafty things this week. There's a use your supplies challenge going over at SBC this month. It's a 4 part challenge.

Week 1: to use swirls on your page. Here is my results. I finally got around to finishing this page. I guess all it needed was a swirl to finish it off. I know I have scrapped this pic before, but sadly its one of the best I have of Josh in his complete Class A uniform. NOTE TO THE US ARMY: you seriously need to make... no wait a minute, FORCE those boys to wear these uniforms on a daily bases. I'm positive the entire United States of America would instantly become a more beautiful country, with that simple change.

Week 3 : Use your scraps. I must say I love my scrap drawer almost as much as my new papers. They are some fabulous treasures in there. Not sure this page is complete. I felt it needed a few red and blue buttons, I just don't have a clue where to put them. So as you can see I didn't.

Week 4: Multiple Photos on a layout. Trick or Treating for the first time ever. He didn't have a clue what was actually going on, but he sure loved to look and feel the Halloween colored lights and decorations on the lawns. You can keep your candy dude, spiderman would rather have your fancy lights. I can see it now, he is going to love Halloween.

Are you wondering what happened to week 2? We'll I havent gotten to that one yet, so hold your tomatoes, hehe, BTW prompt is Ribbons and Fibers so thats a piece of cake. Did someone mention cake? We are planning Blakes second Birthday AKA his first real party. I cant wait. We are renting one of those enourmous moonwalks, and Im going to make the cake. I have big plans for that one including m&m's, oreos, toothpicks and even cardstock. Do you know what kind of cake Im making?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

So whats in style anyway

After becoming a stay at home mom, I lost all interest in fashion. I don't know whats in, whats out, who's popular, or who's wearing what, if pinks the new black or any of that. My question, here in Georgia the giraffe bag is everywhere. So I was wondering are these handbags so popular in your state also? Are they everywhere you look?

So with that said, I thought I would do some browsing to see whats out there so far for summer fashion. Lately I've been feeling depressed about my weigh and lack of style. I think it has a lot to do with being back in Georgia, not far from my hometown, therefore bumping into all my old friends etc. My supermodel skinny size 1 sister doesn't help matters either.

Forever21 has some beautiful pieces right now.
I absolutely love this dress.
I love the colors and the cut.
I could rock this dress, It would be fabulous!

And of course this would make the outfit chic.
Love it together. Will be getting a yellow bag soon.

I thought this was lovely too.
Also forever21 and less than $20.

I thought this was an awesome top.
Its probably not something
I could pull off anymore but its has great style and vivid color.
Its defiantly not a plain Jane kinda tee.

Love these in the summer months.
They are making the list shopping list for sure.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

anniversary gift

Look what my dear hubby got me for our 6 year anniversary coming up this month.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Scrapping Out loud challenge

This week over at Scrapping out Loud challenge blog the prompt was tear up your papers. This of course, if one of my favorite techniques and I do it way too often. I love the look. Ok here is what I came up with. I'm in love with this black polka dot paper from America Crafts Travel line. Its so awesome to work with. Those are the felt lollipop circle I won from Kates Blog about a month ago. They worked so well with this page. And do you see that precious little owl peeking from behind the torn paper, thats the awesome stamps from my lovely friend Brynn. I swear this girl is too nice.

Today Josh and I got new desk. We threw out the old worn busted up pieces of crap when we moved from Colorado back in August. Now that we are moved in, it was time. I wanted something to close and let be, so we got 2 of these but in Black. They are so pretty.

I would also like to add my friend Ann was published this with 4 count that 4 pages in the Making Memories For You Ezine. Its such a cute site and I love Ezine's. So full of great how to's in this one. Check her out if you got time. Ann also runs a sketch blog you can visit.

And on to the best part...... my dearest hubby is getting me something big tomorrow because he loves me. Come back tomorrow and find out what I get.