Saturday, May 29, 2010

baby update

...............Happy Memorial Day.....................

We are spending a quite weekend at home. I am officially on Maternity leave now. 12 weeks with no work....ahhh, it sounds so refreshing, until I think of the labor pains, BIRTH, and 2 hour around the clock feedings. I will love the feeding part.

As the days pass, I am growing more and more uncomfortable. My sciatic nerve hurts all the time, sending stabbing pain down my leg that I can't put any weigh on it at times. Oh and the pressure I have so much pressure down south, and its so not a good feeling. But on a good note, my last check-up went great. He is right on schedule measurement wise and his heartbeat is always strong. I am officially 33 weeks now, but my doctor thinks he will be from 1-2 weeks early. Therefore we could have a baby in 5 weeks, eeeek! He is due on July 17th and I would love for him to get here on July 12. Blake was also due on the 17th of April, and he made his arrival on the 12th thus the reason.

So many people are asking me if we plan to have a baby shower. My sister and mother in law want to throw us one so I'm still not really sure. I didn't have one with Blake, and after the military I don't have friends. Its so hard to keep in touch when you are moving around all the time. So if that gets worked out I'll let everyone know. I did sign up for the baby registry at Target for those who have asked. I know its kinda bear, but I can't really remember what a baby needs. Oh that sounds bad! I think I'm becoming anxious about going from one to love to two. I don't really know why though.

On to the scrappy. I am currently stuck on page I started over a week ago. I think I went to traditional and straight lined with it. Maybe I will post a quick shot and ask for advice as Im sure you gals would know just what to do. This week I was able to do 2 pages. So I will leave you with my last 2 layouts. Blake playing in the snow for the first time and just a quick page of some of his favorite things right now.

Jury Duty was slow went okay. I didn't get picked, but I dont guess they really want a pregnant mother on a child molestation case. (shrugs)

Take care of your family this weekend, and be careful if you venture on to the streets.
Hugs, Cathy

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

XOXO take 2.

I'm back with my second lift from the XOXO
girls blog. Haven't heardof them, Go here
and visit XOXO and check out challenge #9. They have a cool
sponsor this month too, Color me Miki! Basically
you chose a LO and scraplift it. You can do as
many as you want per month too, cool huh?

Today, I lifted Ana White with her
LO titled Sweet Gracie. Here is her page.

And this is what I did with her design.

Ok its off to clean up the house a bit then off to
bed. I am beat today.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

xoxo #9

I haven't joined in on a challenge outside SC in a very long time. Since I Resigned last month, I have more free scrapping time again. I recently discovered this site and found it very inspiring. Go here and visit XOXO and check out challenge #9. They have a cool sponsor this month too, Color me Miki! Basically you chose a LO and scraplift it. You can do as many as you want per month too, cool huh?

So here is what I done. This is my LO titled Skeleton Crew.

Here is a peek at the original LO titled Push and Drool by Sarah Webb.

I hope you scrappers like my results. I really like this page, and I finally was able to get Blake's Halloween photos done. yay.

Tomorrow, I plan to be back with my second LO from Halloween. Ana White is on my lift list for tomorrow.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Jury Duty for me

Happy Mothers Day to all the mom's out there. I was able to sleep in today and then enjoyed dinner a lovely visit to the local scrap store. Happy Happy Joy Joy. I didn't buy alot bc our LSS happens to be Archivers, and they don't really have all the latest and greatest or the brands I really love.

I'm so sad to see SIS closing down. I love browsing their site. I don't know about you ladies, but I find a different style of work over there than I can find at SBC or 2 peas. Ok this is just my opinion, but I feel its more daring and they take more chances? Do you gals think so, or is it me? Moving on....

I signed up for the use your supplies challenge over at SBC. Simply put you must create 4 pages within the month using the said supplies each week. For my first page I was to use 3 shades of paint on a single LO. I painted the PP lightly with white paint, drew a orange heart in the top of the page, and paint the leaves green on the flower. .. Which I happened to find in my stash of supplies, along with the Heidi stickers I added on the sides. They happened to work terrific with my shirt. Ekk! I had plans of loosely stitching the tear in the paper back together but later decided it didn't need it.

I will be back later this week with pages 2 and 3. They are also finished but not photoed to show just yet. They are both from Blake's Halloween last year. I'm only 7 months late in scrapping them. Thats not too bad..... or is it?

Bed Time for me, I have my 30 week checkup tomorrow and next week I have JURY DUTY. AGH! Jury Duty, why why why could it not wait 2 weeks until I was on maternity leave. I tried everything and another to get out of it, or defer for 2 weeks, but it was a no go. Hmmm!

Hugs, Cathy

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thomas 2010

I've had a very busy week here in Georgia. I'm finally getting around to posting this. Last weekend, we took a trip to Tennessee to spend the day with Thomas. Blake had a blast! He loved it so much. He enjoyed himself so much. So much so that night he had a tough time sleeping because his little legs were so sore. He ended up sleeping with us and me having to massage his legs every couple of hours when he would wake. Here are our photos from the day.

This one was taken during our train ride with Thomas. He watched out the window the entire ride.

Mommy got a kiss during the ride too. Blake said Thank you mommy, Blake happy. It was so cute.

All in all. Blake had a great time. Josh and I not so much. We thought it was a bit shabby for the cost, but seeing Blake happy it was worth my money any day.

I'll be back tomorrow to share my latest page with you.

Hugs, Cathy

Monday, May 3, 2010

my ER visit

Hey Hey everyone. Thanks for playing along with the Blog Hop. It was alot of fun, even though I didn't have the chance to make a LO with the sketch. An unexpected visit to the ER will really put a damper in your scrap plans for the evening. Short version Blake slammed into my stomach running at full speed, giving me some of the sharpest stomach cramps. 20-30 minutes later, they weren't going anywhere, head to the ER, 3-4 hours later a ultrasound, and a shot of Demerol in the booty, Im sent home to rest. The next 36 hours I'm out like a light. Literally.

I was sent home with assurance that baby was OK. I also visited my Doctor the following Monday, for my routine visit with the same good review. But I'm not so sure, since that accident, little guy has not been moving as much, actually he isn't moving very much at all anymore. He was so active before too. I go back on the 10th so we'll see.

Now on to some projects I did a few weeks ago. I really love this LO using My Little Shoebox. I Love their papers, but don't always feel they are great boy pages choices.

On to the next! This page uses the last of the October Afternoon paper that Ive been saving for so long. We took this photo at Blake's first fair last October. I really need to get the rest of those photos scrapped.

Hugs and Giggles