Thursday, April 29, 2010


If you have just stopped in, please join us and start at Pamela's blog

Happy National Scrapping Day!!! Also, welcome to Scrapbook Challenges fourth DT blog hop! :) We are so happy you have joined us to meet the New Design Team and say goodbye to a couple of the resigning members, including myself. I've been on the DT here at SC for almost a year now, and I feel its time to move on a let others have the same opportunity to inspire us.

In case you don't know Scrapbook Challenges is a fun group filled with many inspiring artist. We have weekly sketches, challenges, events, tutorials, and class. They really are something for everyone at SC. There are monthly sponsors for the group with fabulous prizes to win. And of course, the best news is that we have lots of FABULOUS PRIZES to give away today! What's a blog hop without fabulous prizes right. I won't tease you with photos of Prima, My Minds eye and the delicious Scarlet Lime kit, I'm sure you've already seen them like 6 times already.

Here is the sketch Pamela created just for this Blog Hop.

And for those of you who prefer 2 pagers, here is
a 2 page version Pamela has whipped up for you.

Now Bounce on over and meet Jenn, one of our New Design Team Members.

If you find yourself lost or a broken link here is the master list.

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2. Ilene (

3. Deb (

4. Jackie (

5. Lydia (

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8. Jenn (

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20. Brynn (

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

short & sweet with pictures of course

Has it really been three weeks since I last updated. Wow! Time passes so fast as you get older. I really need to do better.

So we have alot to catch up on. First, the easter bunny made a visit to my house, and left a basket for Blake. He was so thrilled when he woke up and seen his basket. So cute.

That afternoon we went to visit Grandma and had easter dinner with his cousins. He loved that. They colored eggs and enjoyed an egg hunt. So much fun for little people. Blake found 23 eggs. This was the first year he understood to put his eggs in his basket instead of trying to open each one he found to see if anything was inside.

Now fast forward a week and we have his third Birthday. Yeah my little boy is 3 years old. Another WOW, when and how did that happen? This year we decided to skip the party and have a small celebration at home. We bought him tickets to go SEE and RIDE Thomas the train in Chattanooga. Which he is going to totally love. Of course, he doesn't understand just yet, but he will on May 1st. I can't wait for that one.

Baby update. Little Brycen is doing great. He is starting to wiggle around and kick all the time. He is way more active than Blake was. If that means anything, than I will have my hands full with him. I am 27 weeks today and only have around 90 days to go. I can't believe it. Almost doesn't seem possible to be that far along.

And last after much thought, I have decided to resign from DT Coordinator over at Scrapbook Challenges. Acutally I'm resigning all together. I feel its time to move on a let a new person have my spot and their chance to shine and inspire us. So with that my last challenge is posted. It's titled Cloud 9, as I had a great time on the team, and I still love cute little clouds. All you need to do is use Clouds anyway anyhow, and use 9 of something, can be anything as long as they are 9 of them. Here is my example.... walking cloud from Sass and 9 letter stickers in my title.

Ok Ok everyone. I must get my self ready for bed. I have 6 more weeks of work that I must somehow complete before its baby leave time. Toodles.