Monday, May 25, 2009

<----- Look who got a job!

I wasn't really looking for a job, but I was asked to interview for a position last Wednesday. After thinking about it this weekend, Josh and I decided this could really jump start our 5 years saving plan. I accepted the interview and 5 minutes later I was hired on the spot. After I was already hired, filling out the application, was the hardest part. I start in the morning at 8am. I'm excited! We plan to save alot of money, but I cant wait to spend one entire check on scrappy stuff. That would sure beat my usually $20 budget. Happy Dance!

Scrap Happy Jenn come on down.

Glitter Graphics

Glitter Graphics

What you are all waiting for, my RAK blog candy goes to:

BloggerJenn C.
and this is what she had to say.....
Hi! I am now a follower of your blog! I love your take on the sketch! Jen loves My new fave papers right now are Sassafras Lass. I love the 70's look of their paper.

Jenn you have Friday to message me at oldmissb at hotmail dot com. Please respond here also saying you emailed, as I seriously get way to much junk and would hate to delete it mistakenly.

Thanks and stay tuned for RAK winner

Thanks for everyone who played along this weekend.
Amazing! Great experience.

MY RAK blog hop candy winner will be announce soon, stay tuned. Melonscraps is already up and I know Pamela will be posting today. Check these places to see if your the lucky winner.

Today is the release of a new sketch from Pamela. Go here, Scrapbook Challenges to see the official sketch. Here's my take. Think summer and lemons, limes, and oranges, on white cardstock...... yummy. See it! Give this color combo a try. Its amazing. I apologize for this bad pic. The sun was missing yesterday and I'm too lazy to take it again.

Julie is on the design team for the new blog Kiddie Lit. This is such a cool site. A new twist on challenge sites. Here is my take on the challenge this month. The prompt was to be inspired by the children's book where the wild things are, and the only must have is the word WILD in your LO somewhere. I know my page is awesome (wink wink) but come play along too. You still have time.

I am sad, Look what I discovered, extremely too late.

5/28/2009 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
at Encore Park
in Alpharetta, GA
Kenny Chesney

Ok, I am signed up at and I'm suppose to be notified when anything Kenny Chesney in Georgia is scheduled but nope. This Thursday.
Once again marking the 4th year, I will be missing the Kenny Chesney concert. Whay. I am starting to think Faith is stepping in and Kenny must totally suck in concert. Maybe the super powers of the world, wants to make sure something in the world isn't a disappointment.

We'll I must get in the shower. I have an interview this morning. I have to get started on that Big 5 year plan, right!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Blog Hop

Hello crafting diva's-

If you have just stopped in, please join us and start at Pamela's Blog. I don't want any of you to miss out on the fun this weekend.

Are you a member at Scrapbook Challenges? Do you participate in our challenges? We have a weekly sketch challenge, with a brand spanking new original, never seen before sketch designed by Pamela Young, a highly talented and published artist. Plus, each month we have a photoshop, technique, and digital challenge, in addition to our regular challenges, issued by the DT members. Pamela also works extremely hard to secure fantastic sponsors each month. Scarlet Lime in April, and Studio Calico for May, and you gals know they put together awesome kits. Remember you have to be in it to win it.

Be sure to leave everyone a comment saying Hello, and be on the lookout for all the fabulous prizes to be won. Including, the sold out May main kit, from Scarlet Lime this lovely kit from Studio Calico and the Carter Alphas stamp set too, and if thats not enough this set from Unity Stamp Co is also up for grabs, plus RAK's from the DT along your way. Wow right! All you have to do is participate in this blog hop, and leave a comment on all of the blogs for your chance of winning the Scarlet Lime kit. Link us your take on the Sketch here or here or both for the Studio Calico prize, and play detective for the Unity stamps.

To test your detective skills, and be entered into the drawing, send me an email, to, with the answers to these questions:
1. Which one of the DT members can taste something from a restaurant 1 - 2 times and recreate that meal? (Such an AWESOME skill by the way)
2. Which member of the DT almost made it to the national fencing team when she was in college?
3. Which DT member daydreams of painting her mustang Barbie pink?
4. Which Scrapbook Challenges DT member was missing from our blog hop this weekend?"

Here is the sketch Pamela
created for the Blog Hop.

This is my take. I wanted
to stay true to the sketch.
Black Market paper society PP.

Random facts about me:
1. I always drink from a straw. Always!
2. I had 4 miscarriages, before a high risk, but successful pregnancy with Blake. I treasure him, as he will probably be my only child. Only time will tell.
3. One of my dreams, is to see George Strait in concert. I'm still waiting!
4. I love One Tree Hill solely because of Chad Michael Murray.
5. I love grape pixie sticks. Yum
6. I am a huge Ketchup fan.
7. I love to watch hip hop dancing and street dancers of any kind.
8. I daydream of painting my mustang Barbie pink.
9. I believe in a woman's right to choose, but it will change my opinion of you, as I don't agree with it.

Bonus RAK:
I also will be giving away my own RAK today. To be in the drawing, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me one random fact about Jen. The blog you just left, and one of your favorite scrapping products or companies. For an extra entry, become a follower of my blog.
Good Luck!

You are here #8.

"Now hop on over to #9 Annie Collins, and continue on your journey.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

She'd be california, if california was a girl

-100th post BLOG GIVEAWAY HERE! Check it out.
-Yvonne's amazing giveaway here. GO NOW.

I want to do something with my hair for the summer. And so I can refrain from the urge to cut it short again. I love it for 2 weeks, than hate it for the 2 next years, while it slowly grows. I'm thinking about adding some color to it. What color do you guys like? Suggest away!

So I grabbed the camera and this is me right now, well ok like 5 minutes ago. As you can see I have this boring kinda reddish, brown strange color going on.

This darker color!

3 blond highlights here
with a medium brown base

This is my natural color
with really blond highlights.

Does anyone out there in blog land have either of these? We walked into a local thrift store and B saw one of these playhouses and totally loved it. Only that particular one was ridiculously priced, badly faded, and worn out. So we want to get him one for outside play and to store some of his outside toys in. The first one has a plastic floor system and the 2nd one does not. opinions?

Check this out. B spotted this and ran over to it. After another lady, in the store followed us around for an hour, including all the way to the checkout counter, we scored this carry along case with one side filled with trains for $1.91. Fabulous find, fabulous price and best part, Blake has not stopped playing with it since we bought it. Gotta love that. He is starting to get into Thomas the train now, so we are going to try to buy him a few more pieces to fill the other side. Does anyone know where to buy the trains cars for this set at? They have magnets on both ends to connect them together. I found them online, but I would rather let B pick out the ones he wants or likes.

After looking at a few recent photo's of myself, I have come to realize, that I also need a completely new closet. Yep, my clothes are beyond hideous and dare I say comfortable. Stacy and Clinton would hate that description. Too comfortable, and a few sizes too small, which is definitely not a good thing for my self-confidence or body image. Think Plain Jane! Think I'm kidding, here's the proof. I really hate this pic of me.

Yikes right! If you really want to know how you look in a particular outfit or just in general, take a pic and stick it up on the computer and its all clear. The screen wont sugar coat ya. Don't y'all even say I look good, because you know that would be a little white lie. Need more proof...that girl (above) and this girl (below), yeah two different girls in two different worlds. Rascal flatts song She'd be California, if California was a girl comes to me, except above it would be more like She'd Alabama if, Alabama was a girl. (disclaimer: I dont have anything against Alabama, I just dont know fo anything fabulous in that state.)

I really want to get back to being me. So here are the first additions to my new style. These fabulous tops followed me home today. Love them.

I got this new phone case by Betsy Johnson too. I really love her free style and creative outlook in her work, clothes, and life. My new phone was really taking a beating already, and with a touch screen thats not a good thing.

Of course, I had to get one of these too. They are everywhere, here in the south and there's not a better place to start to reinvent a new self style, than with the trendist item around. I still added a bit of me with the yellow. Its not the popular choice of brown, black, red and pink.

In my search to find this paper today, without success, these other 3 sheets also followed me home. In not a huge Basic Grey fan, but I liked these so we shall see what comes of it. I'm hoping it use it right away.

At last, here is little B in his croc look-a-likes. He loves these shoes. I often find him wearing these shoes, just like this. No pants, just his diaper, shirt and shoes. I think its CUTE though, and it gives me that little last piece of baby to hold on too.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

i made a card

How was your weekend? Mine was very restful. We only left the house once, to run out and grab a quick dinner at Subway. We love Subway! I "considered" scrapping this weekend many times. I only manged to complete one card for my former neighbors back at Fort Bragg. They were my first real army friends, when I was a newlywed, stuck in North Carolina for a year all alone, when Josh came up on Iraq orders, and was gone all in 2 months time. Stressful, but I have always been very independent and this only showed me how strong I am. I cannot tell you how many times I was knocking on Jenny's door with any and every excuse for conversation. LOL!

I like this card, but I don't love it. I completely suck at cards, and I'm never happy with them. I hope Jenny and Adam like it.

In others news? Is anyone Eminem fans? I use to be obsessed with Eminem. I had all his CD's went to his concerts, which were fabulous! His new album comes out tomorrow. Its alright, but not as good as his older music, but I also thought the same thing about Kenny Chesney latest album, Lucky old sun. I was really disappointed with that one. I think my music taste is changing.

I was happy to see everyone enjoying my bad boy page. I really do love it. Therefore, I thought I would share the sketch I designed, before making the page. Oh but of course, the actually page doesn't look anything like the sketch, but oh well, the basic elements are there.

Have you seen ladies seem this beauty? OMG if it was 6 years ago, before I was married with a baby, I would so own this gorgeous piece of art. I love it.

Have a happy week everyone. I'm off to do some online window shopping. Later!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hambly's blue bike at the park

After the week, Blake and I had together, I found it fitting to scrap this pic. I really love this page. Two of my scrappy friends Holly and Linda did a supplies swap, and this is my LO using those supplies. I recieved boy/robot Basic Grey rub-ons and these recollections flowers and jewels . And notice, I'm using the AC twist PP finally! I really loved this paper, but didn't have a clue how to use it before. I love this Hambly bikes PP too. So very boyish!!! I bought the red overlay too, but haven't cut into that one yet. I hope you gals, like this one. I think its my new favorite of this years pages.

Blake and I visited the park yesterday. We had some much fun. yet he refused to look at the camera for a nice spring/ summer photo. This is the best I could get. lol! Doesn't he look so happy? I can't believe this park doesn't have baby swings. Hmm.

Monday, May 11, 2009

wanna see my first page?

Here is my take on this weeks sketch over at Scrapbook Challenges. I really loved this one. Its simple and basic design, left so many possible LO's that I will probably do this one again. This in not what I imagined, but I like it. Photo is of my son Blake, watering the grass for the first time. He thought the water hose was amazing. He is such a boy. The polka dotted chipboard buttons are from Miss Ken. The are wonderful to work with. Great color, and adds just the right about of dimension, and texture to your projects. Check her out, if you haven't already!!!

Here is the sketch.

The lovely Jocelyn, has tagged me with the request, to see my first completed layout. (yeah right) J/K I dabble in the cut up magazines, markers and memorabilia, glued directly down to those books that are tied together with the strings, but lucky for me that stuff is at my moms. Its a form of scrapbooking, but IMO not really. Its more teenage doodles to me. So here is my first official scrapbook page with actually scrapbook papers and real photos. I stole the title from a magazine, of course. All supplies were bought at Michael's, and of course they were deco scissors to cut out the pic. Photo was taken of my DH the first time he came to visit my house. lol.

And because I'm going to be brave today, here are my next couple of pages. Its clear I was a simple and to the point scrapper. I love to look back and see how much my style has evolved.

I'm not going to officially tag anyone, but if you are feeling BRAVE today, go ahead and show us your first pages. After all, talent has to be developed and style does change, so what are you waiting for? What can it hurt?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

So at least its not pee & spider and help!

Spiders: What do you do about spiders? I hate them, and have found about 10 now in the house this month. They are everywhere. I've found them in my bed, Blake's bed, and even Blake's bath water, while he was in the tub. The one from Blakes bed looked like it would be poisonous. It was around the size of a quarter, black and had a white marking on its back. And it was so fast.

Blake is really on a roll this week. For mothers day, he made sure I wasn't forgotten. I woke up to a house filled with baby powders. Yes the entire new bottle spread from one end to the other.

Here is my couch and notice the dog bone.

Look how good he covered these ride ons.

And let's not forget about last night. He wanted to color in his art book, so I set him up. This time choosing to sit him by the wall for some crazy reason. I bet you know what I'm about to say already, so yep he color the wall bright blue. I guess its safe to say, he doesn't think I choose the right color for this said wall.

I told him to go stand by his art work and this is the look I got. Cracks me up.

Did you notice the hair cut his daddy gave him? I wasn't to happy about this one, but its starting to grow on me a little. I love his hair short, not this short though, but shaved bc I think it makes his facial features stand out so much more.

Of course, I had to document this crazy hair cut. I wanted a tough, grungy look , but I don't have those supplies. I used a free digital kit from Stacy called 2 little bots. The kits also has pinks so its works for girls too. It is still available on her blog for free, until the end of today. But if you miss it, she moves them to her store for $1, when she releases something new. She offers tons of freebies, so check her out.

What are you really loving right now? Link me up? pattern paper, collections, manufactures, stores, animals, TV, kit clubs, music, clothes, shoes, purses, whatever. I want to see it. I need some inspiration.

Both of the boys are napping, so I getting out the scrappy stuff. Toddles!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's pee

Well I guess they are a reason we call it terrible two's.

Let me set the mood. Its about 8 pm and I decide to soak in the tub. Usually, Blake would end up jumping in also, but not this night. Instead he chose to play and watch sprout before bedtime. So while I am relaxing in the hot water, I can hear him playing, laughing and talking. He is starting to talk so much lately and I think it so cute. During this time Josh is on his computer, which is located about 20 feet from mine none the less. Approximately 15-20 minutes have passed, when I reenter the room. I find this cute little guy butt naked excpet for his PJ top. I proceed to ask him....Where are your clothes Blake? Why your shirt wet Blake? "Where is your diaper Blake?" He proceeds to go over to my new desk. Which looks like this.

See that little printer shelf on the bottom. That is where I store my pattern paper. Yes all my American Craft papers that I like to hoard, instead of using when they are new. Now that I have caught up with Blake, I realize my chair is also wet. This is when I notice a little puddle, it didnt take me too long to fugure out he peed on my pattern paper. AHHHHHH! BLAKE! Lucky for me, I store it in those hideous plastic storage bins, so only a few sheets were damaged.

Are you laughing by now? What are you waiting for, go ahead and have a huge belly chuckle at my expensive today. I must admit, it is pretty funny.

The moral to this story is little boys love to pee on anything.

I hope to get a few scrappy things done today. I'm working on the sketch for the blog hop this month...details later. I've also been working on SVG files to cut with my cricut. I love making my own patterns and designs. Its so wonderful compared to the cartridge limitations. I will leave you with a sneak of Mondays sketch challenge in from Scrapbook Challenges.