Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Big shoe question and sketch 153

On Sunday, we drove to the Imax theater, at the Mall of Georgia. It was fun. Blake seen his first movie, Transformers, which went ok. To make this a short story, before we left I was getting dressed. I say to Josh I need to buy a pair of everyday generic sandals to wear with shorts and sun dresses. You probably know what I'm about to say. Josh gets this serious look on his face and says what you have more shoes than most girls do! WHAT! are you blind, stupid or both? I literally have no shoes anymore... well for a girl, or at least that's what I think. When he married me I had 2 clothes bins full of shoe. So of course, yesterday I had to count my shoes. I have 18 pairs. So my question is how many shoes do you have and what # do you think is a good number to owe? I cant wait to hear your opinions.
oh and if your reading this Josh, I need a pair of brown and black knee high boots, I need a pair of Timberlands, I need probably 3-4 more pretty sandals and maybe a couple more nice pointy toe heels.

Pamela is away on vacation for the rest of the month and need a full break. She asked if any on the DT would help with making the weekly sketches. Of course I signed up. I wanted to keep it simple and this is the results.

Here are the fabulous and all truly unique Design team pages.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

whats in a title anyway?

How was your weekend everyone? We had lots of fun.
Friday night we took Blake to Chucke E Cheese
for the first time. He loved it. I on the other hand
was a little disappointed to see all the changes.
I have not been inside one of these
in about 8 years, but what happened to all the tunnels,
tubes, the ball pit and slides. It was mostly token games.

In all he was able to collect 285 tickets.
I was quite surprised at his success.

I finally got around to scrapping Blake's birthday pictures.
I had a hard time deciding which ones to use, but settled on these.
I used Pink Paislee Sweet cakes line to keep a somewhat
uniformed look between the pages. I don't usually do that,
but I like the results this time, so I may start.

I hope they inspire someone.

Have I mentioned lately, how much I love Thickers?
They are so awesome. I was able to make 6 titles from
the poolside vinyl package. And I still have letters left. Thats

Monday, July 13, 2009

another monday

Hello friends,
Not much going on in my life right now. Just busy working and trying to save money. We are ahead of where I wanted to be and I'm so anxious. I love logging in daily to see our saving account growing. (warning to those who haven't figured it out yet, but yes I'm a dork sometimes)

On to the scrappy. Did anyone order the Maya Road or Pink Paislee warehouse boxes? I wanted both, but choose to order the Pink Paislee one. I love all their stuff, while I'm not always a fan of Maya Roads mini albums. I'm happy with my choice and all my new stuff. Here is a peek of my box. I definitely think it was worth the $55 I spent. The PP on top is a sheet from their new Fall Harvest line.

Not so much time to scrap this month so far. I've only managed to crank of 2 Layouts. Here is the first, a very simple page.

Here is last Mondays sketch from Scrapbook challenges. At first, all I could see was the flowers, but then I thought of Blake's 4th of July pictures and finished this page in about 10 minutes. Of course, its digital. They are always so much easier because the possibilities are near endless. I think I will try to recreate it with paper in the near future.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Monday!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

the 4th

As I promised, here is our 4th of July, in pictures.

And later that night, we played with sparklers and watched the firework show.


Here is Brennon.

This is the reason I ALWAYS use the auto function on my camera.
All the pics above are unedited and shot with Auto.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Im 47 in a 28 shell.

Hello friends,
Its monday!
What a crazy day here at Camping World.
Its exptremely busy and 95%
of people are ticked off for one reason
or another. Lucky for me,
I dont have to deal with the attitude.
Most callers are nice and the rest of the day I work alone.

On to the fun stuff,
I went on a bit of a shopping spree.
Look what I got.

Of course the Mario Kart is for Blake.
He loves to play it and yells go go go.
The gold gyms game will kick your butt too.
I recommend that game if you want to
a good workout.
I love the wii fit system. Its really cool. My BMI is 22.13 which is normal.
BUT ( and this is the big BUT ) my Wii age is 47.
Ok so Blake, was helping me out a little, but I didnt
want to retest in fear it would get worse.
I have a couple of scrap pages to share,
but they are not on this PC.
Happy Monday.