Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A mysterious box from the mail man.

So yesterday on the way home, we thought it was well overdue time, we stop and check the mail at our Post office box. Blake was sleeping in the car, from a busy afternoon playing with his cousins Brennan and Bailey. They all stayed the afternoon with his grandmother while we shopped for flooring with Aunt Jess for our new place. It was Blake's first time staying without one of us, for more than an hour. Gunry D says everything was fine and she is not even sure he EVER realized we were gone. WHAT he didn't even miss me. Whay! So I stay in the car, while Josh goes inside. Moments later he returns with a stack of mail and a medium sized white box addressed to me. For me, ummm I'm not expecting a package. Josh says can I open it....of course. Sure go ahead. He removed the white mailer paper and opens the box. He proceeds to pull out multiple pieces from the friendly forest line that Ive been drooling over. What, OMG, Wow, are you kidding, needless to say I was in love. The clear stamps, the photo mat pad, the brads, the chipboard circles and more. Ahhh I'm so thankful to get these items. Also enclosed was a beautiful black and white paisley card with aqua blue accents that read Happy Birthday. So make sure you go over and visit my generous friend Brynn's Blog. She is so talented and creative. Thank you Brynn. Be sure to leave a comment saying hello and tell her thank you for me.

This past weekend we were able to get alot accomplished. With the help of Tim (Josh step-dad) which is an amazing carpenter, we were able to completely re-floor the entire place with 3/4 inch plywood. We have 2 pieces of drywall, carpet, and wood floors and thats it, then we can make the call to have our "stuff - junk" delivered. Im going to hold off on painting until after we moved in to rush the process and hopefully make the right choice the first time with colors. As it stands currently the LR and Kit will be a nice shade of medium yellow/green. Our room will be a greenish teal blue (on Jills advice) and blakes room a warm yellow. That could totally change at any time though. We are hoping to be moving in by the end of next week.

If you know anyone who needs carpentry work in GA let me know. Tim really is a fabulous at his job. Message me.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009



Friday, January 16, 2009

I am funky & fabulous for a day

An enormous Thank ya' to my dear friend Lydia ,who gave me this classy award. I love it.

How awesome right! So now here is what I got to do. I must list 5 addictions, and 5 people I'd like to honor with my "classy award" also. Ok, first with addictions...

  1. I love Sweet Tea.
  2. I love high heels.
  3. I love American craft products.
  4. I love straws, must have one in my drink always.
  5. I love photography and it lead me to scrapbooking.
I am passing this honor to this wonderful scrappers.
  1. Brynn
  2. Pamela
  3. Sasha
  4. Sollie
  5. Sarah

This wonderful award was given to me by Sarah. Her pages are always so full of color, layers, a little funky and well I love her style. Check her out, and if your not into scrapping, she has a cute little schnauzer named Maui to adore.

I am giving this award to 5 very talented woman. I love their creativity and funky style.

So today I am funky and fabulous, and tomorrow I'll go back to being boring ole me. (shrugs)

**And as always if I have award you, and you don't want to play along that is 100% fine.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

but i got sketches

We are so close to moving into our new place. Its no mansion, and defiantly not our dream home, but its ours. With the best part being, its PAID for and we will have no rent or mortgage payments. yay! In 2008, we were also able to pay off all our credit card debt also. I cant imagine how thats going to feel to only have your general household electric, cable and water bills. 2009 is the time to save our money.

Has everyone seen Kates blog? She has so many cute things, especially for those girly scrappers. Check it out. She makes wonder hair clips and also has an esty shop. She has giveaways and I'm happy to say I won.

I cant wait to get back into scrapping . I haven't made a Layout since October, and I miss it. I think thats the reason I'm so snappy with everyone, I need to de-stress. (Is that a word or how you spell it, I dont know) I have Halloween, Christmas and soon Blake's 2nd birthday pictures (which I'm in HUGE denial over) to scrap. I have a little perfectionist in me, so I hate getting behind. Once you do you cant catch up .... Hate it. I should be going through and deciding which photos to print and having that ready, but instead Im working on sketches. Who knows If I will even use them or not. I usually have a hard time getting them onto paper. Something about the way my mind seeing sizes and how she cant cut sizes accurate to the sketch blah blah. So anyway I thought I would share a couple more with you fellow scrappers.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Friendly Forest

My sister and I went into Michaels to browse pictures frames. So of course, I had to quickly walk through the scrapbook section... Have you ladies seen the colorbok Friendly Forest line? I dont know if its new or not. Its so cute. Its full of pretty oranges, browns, reds, blues and greens and filled with little deers, owls, trees, and frogs. I so have to buy it. This collection has so many coordinating items, fancy trim, quote/titles, fancy cut paper, photos mats , journal mats and more. Its awesome! I want it. I think I'm going to ask Josh to get my this for my birthday next month. (which I m not looking forward to)

I can see so many uses for these!!!
And the best part they are only $3.

These stamps are CUTE,
they are about $6.

Update: Blake is now 20 months olds. He weighed in at 24 pounds and 32 inches tall.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

something random

I thought I would do something alittle different today.

This is my everyday

handbag. I Love a sexy pair of

Every girl should have at least 1.
My favorite place to eat is

My favorite actress is

I love all her movies especially Sweet
home Alabama. I could listen to

sing all day long. I love his voice. I must admit I
do watch some daytime drama. I love

I love Tyler Perry movies, and
can watch this

every night and still love it.
These are my favorite

scrap snack. I love them and can
eat an entire package at once. And
last this is my favorite scent.


I think I have decided on bedroom colors.
What do you think of these? We are thinking of a mid tan
colored wall. Josh isnt totally sold on the idea, yet but he
said as long as it wasn't pink. I love this bed sheet in the now.
Its very busy and bold and that is whats holding me back
from buying it.