Monday, May 26, 2008

Ride Sally Ride

I really dislike that song "Mustang Sally" so much. My mother and Josh sign it to me bc of my love of the mustang. But good news my neighbor Jeromy fixed my car. Yessss! It was very simple really and only took him about 3 hours maybe. After all it was the darn manifold. The thing was broken in two allowing air to get in. I'm happy to know that the times I was forced to drive it, like when I forgot the lights on in the Saturn and had to go back and pick Josh up from the Hospital, that I wasn't causing anymore damage to my car. I was really excited that it didn't have to go to the shop, or be towed anywhere, or even stay disassembled for days or weeks. Its summer and I love to drive my car in the summer. It just feels better. Sporty cars are made for the summer sun.

Next mission is getting to tag renewal, now that I can actually drive it somewhere to get a work slip, aka oil change, for the GA emissions board. Yet another hassle of the army. This thing is so annoying. Hopefully this will be the last time. Fingers Crossed.

And look I have 74,889 miles. My little oil change sticker in the windows read 77 something thousand before the next oil change was due or before 6/12/07. So yeah my car was driven like 200 miles in the last year. Wow that would never happen in GA. Also another reason I love CO, everything is so close by. Georgia is less populated so its more spread out and therefore a longer drive. My mother in law says its growing super fast and I probably will feel lost in my home town once we move. You can even see my little alien guy, isn't he so cute. He has rode on my steering column since late 2002. Can you believe that? I secretly know he likes it though.:)

Since we don't live around kids, and I don't work therefore Blake does not have to attend daycare, I wasn't sure how he would react with other kids. But he loves it. The new neighbors have 2 kids Jacob and Alexis. They are older than Blake. Jake will be 4 in a few days and Alexis turned 7 a couple weeks ago. He likes the attention they give him. They both love to push him in his car. Blake loves it too, he will ride as long as someone will push. And I love that the handle comes down to a child level too. This was really a great investment and I see tons of miles of riding this summer. Don't they look so cute outside enjoying a beautiful summer day.


Lydia Siegel said...

Im so glad you got your comment thingy fix! :) Also so happy you got your car fix. I have to get my towed and fix. I know mine is going to be an arm and a leg.....Not looking forward that bill :l!

Glad there are kids in the area now for your son to play with. Bet he is so happy.

Jill Deiling said...

im so glad blake gets along with the other kids! im glad he got to play with some other kids. yay for getting your car fixed too! I love your mustang!
glad to see you got your comments working. what did you have to do to get them to work?? I was stumped! lol.

Debbie said...

I am happy Blake has someone to play with and that you got your car fixed Dont get to comfortable though ;) Love and miss you guys!!!MOM