Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Professional Protraits




Doesn't Blake look so damn cute in those 3 photos. We were just goofing around with the camera and look at the treasures I got.
Lucky me. It's almost 7 am and I'm wide awake. I can't sleep. Josh disappeared hours ago, and I'm still awake. I thought I would share the events of my day. Its been a rough one. The neighbors kids came over to play with Blake for a little while today. Their names are Alexis and Jacob. They like to push him in his car and eat goldfish. Kids love those things. Blake likes them. He plays better than I expected since he is never around other kids. Their dad is suppose to look at my car. Which would be great. Its a mustang and as you know they are not super baby friendly, so it really hasn't been driven in about 2 years now, except for maybe 5 times. The battery is actually dead at the moment and I cant even remember the last time it was cranked. I cant wait to have it looked at. I don't think its anything major but we'll see. I'd love to have my car back, and especially now that Blake's older.

We had some returns for Walmart, so we thought we would get Blake's birthday portraits made. Wrong! Blake had other plans. I wonder if it was bc he had a nice warm bath and lotion before we left. That always puts him to dream land. Anyway the guy working the studio was extremely young, made 18 tops, if that even. Its a very narrow space and the placement of the props makes it impossible for mom to make the child look toward the camera. Ahhh. Lets just say Blake looked at the boy with a blank what are you doing with me stare, for about ten minutes while he squeaked a little rubber duckie. My kid is such a happy kid. No energy in a photographer usually equals a bad photographer. Yeah you guessed it, no birthday pictures still. I kinda think Blake was waiting for the light to focus like my camera has. When he sees the orange light he cheeses it. As we were leaving Josh tells me and I quote he is not going to hate you for not having pictures made and you already have tons, this kinda ticks me off. My response they are not the same thing. I take snapshots, these are professional portraits, not pictures ,they are a difference. I love the look of professional shots. Maybe it has something to do with me managing a portrait studio and photographing children and babies for a few years. They are something special about a nice clean portrait in my eyes. I love them. Maybe I'll try it again in a couple of days. Speaking of those snapshots, here are a few pictures of Blake playing with a cardboard box under my scrap table. He loves to climb inside it now.

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