Monday, June 20, 2011

making an offer

We have decided to make an offer on the house. Sherri, our agent, is drawing up the paperwork for tomorrow. I'm excited and a bit nervous. I really like this house. Its the style I like, the layout is good, and it has a huge soaking tub for relaxing bubble baths. The most important part though, this house has space. Two adults, two kids and a dog living in 800 square feet is like living in a sardine can. Its crowded, things get messy, and that leaves no room, or time for the fun stuff.

On a trip to Ikea, a few weeks ago I bought my first piece of art for my new craft space. I'm going with a red, aqua blue and black color scheme with touches of lemon yellow. So looking forward to moving, so I can get back to scrapbooking. It's great stress relief.

Other news, Can you believe in less than 3 weeks this little man will be THE BIG ONE YEAR OLD. Where did the year go?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ooops its June...

Where have I been? Well really nowhere. Busy working and being mommy. Going from one child to two really is alot of work.

We have spent the last few months house hunting. Oh my I never realized how hard work it really is.... I mean wow. Does the perfect house exist? Or do most people simply get tired of looking and settle on something.

This house was nice.
But it went into multiple offers.
Not in this market!!

LOVE house
Zero back yard, literally a cliff
so no playset, no happy kids.

This pretty house has some extremely loud
partying folks behind it.

This was a beautiful house but lacked the
scrap ehh I mean spare rooms we need.

Great yard for playing but
again no extra spaces.

Cookie cutter very cramped neighborhood.
Beautiful upgraded finish house,
thus nothing left to change.

Down a crappy long drive stuck in the woods. *scary*

And now to this lovely!!!
4 beds, LR, den and full basement...
I think we may make an offer!

Happy father's Day everyone.
Wish you luck with house hunting.