Monday, May 26, 2008

The Fix

As many of you already know, I could not get my comment key to work. I tried many things. Like the comment link show/hide, nope didn't fix it. Next I tried to tried Layout tab, page elements blog edit. Nope that didn't work either, but I did discover some cool options in there. (i thought they were cool at least) Then I tried Posting tab, post option down on the bottom, yes that option is in there but it was already turn on and still nothing. Finally, I googled it, Yes I did. After a couple of tries I found this magnificent blog.

After much aggravation, researching, and of course reading I figured it out. Yay. Somehow, when I first started the blog the comment widget code was corrupt and there gone altogether. I had to find the code in my HTML template layout deleted it, save the template and then paste the same exact code back in. Sounds crazy insane, but it worked like a charm. Yay. So a huge thank you to this wonderful blog. Yay I have comments. So Exciting!


Lydia Siegel said...

YEAH! So glad you got it taken care of!

Nilsa said...

This link really works!!! Thanks so much Lydia told me about it!