Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Life at my house has been pretty boring over the last week. Why blog about the typical daily routine and stomach aches. Blah ~ Boring. The update on Blake. He now has 6 beautiful shiny pearly whites, 4 on top and 2 on bottom. They are so sparkly, I love to see them when he smiles. Bad thing he is now trying to bite your shoulder or your leg at the most unexpected times. They may be small little teeth but he sure packs a punch with those little nibbles. Ouch! I have no clue how to handle this either. Josh says bite him back, no. I'm not biting a 13 month old child. I have tried to nibble on his shoulder, but he thought it was a game and laughed. He doesn't understand yet. At his appointment yesterday, he weighed 19.9 pounds and is 30 inches long. She says still tall and skinny. That's okay with me. I've always thought tall and skinny boys were the cutest anyway.

I kinda feel like I've lost my mojo. Oh mojo where have you gone? I'm going through this change of style thing right now. Im sick of the classic stlye and want to try something more doodley. Im trying to add more pen work in my pages and crazy frames. I'm big in greens, oranges, and blues at the moment. In the beginning I scrapped everything in 8.5X11 format, then I went to 12X12 and now Im thinking of going back to 8.5X11. My OCD will not let me do both at the same time. I am such a perfectionist that I like all my pages to be the same size. Oh why? I really want to try to 6X12 but keep waiting because of this silly quirk. Ahhh.
Here is a page I started and then once I finished the frame, I lost my vision for the page and now I'm stuck with a half page. The green cardstock goes all around the page. Any ideals? Jack and Abby paper from Love Elsie. The second is a fun page to remember Blakes first Happy Meal from McDonalds. This kid loves Chicken nuggets. I have gone back and chalked the edges of the pattern paper in blue and the painted black cardstock with the same orange the star is chalked with.

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