Friday, November 21, 2008

Colors, ER, and ranting.

So I could really use some help decorating the master bedroom. This is the furniture set I have. Its a dark cherry finish. Which I loved 5 years ago when we purchased it, but don't prefer now. I need help with paint colors and bedding colors. This is the exact one I have.

My plan was to paint the walls burnt orange with a honey glaze and use creme and dark chocolate brown bedding. Now that I've been thinking about it, I'm not sure the orange and the cherry furniture will work together. Please Suggest away. I need the distraction.

On another note Blake had his second visit to the ER last Friday. His little big toe, became infected and I dont know why. They gave him meds and its clearing up now. While there we did the height weight thing and this little guy only weighs 22 pounds. He doesn't gain weight for nothing or eat. So any advice on that would be great also. I dint know what to do any more or what to try when it comes to him. They are days he will only eat a couple goldfish. I have asked his doctor several times and everyone medically and everyone says he will eat when he's hungry. Ok I do understand that, but the boys has only gain like 3 pounds in the last year. That doesn't sound good to me. He is in the 5% for his age now. And in the 50% for his height.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


<---------Yep that's right. I gots new hair!!! It's darker and layered and I have bangs again. I'm loving it right now, but I can't say the same for Josh. He likes me better as a blond. Agh nothing against you blonds out there, but everyones doing that.

Sorry Its been soooo long since I posted, but with cleaning up our land from the tornado back in May, we have been very busy. We rented a 30 yard dumpster and filled it with sheet rock, flooring, ugly wallpapers, lol, and all the other garbage that goes along with tearing down an old home. Its hard work but I guess we all have to start somewhere in life.

Halloween was fun. It was Blake's first year Trick or Treating! He was spider-man, and the cutest little spider man Ive ever seen. We went out with Jessica and her children Jaylin, Bailey, and Brennan, his cousins. We had fun. At the end of the evening Blake had 48 treats in his pail, including candies, stickers, stamps, bubbles, and even a plastic ball. He had a blast, but I must say he enjoyed everyone's home decorations, especially the lights, more than the treats. It was cute. Here are a couple of pics from the night, but since I'm using my DH computer they are not edited in anyway so bear with that.

This is the best photo I could get in his costume. He wasnt having any part of the mask, and didnt want to wear the hat thingy either.

Here is the group picture of the kiddos. Notice Blake is not a happy camper at this time. Its only 8:30 but for a little guy he was tired and ready to get back in the car and go home .