Tuesday, July 20, 2010

To cut ???

Hey Hey everybody! So now that the little one is here and I'm not pregnant anymore (mixed feeling there) I'm itching to get my hair cut. Its getting long, nasty and way out of control, you know full of split ends and a complete lack of anything near a real style. Okay, so I've been surfing all the hair sites and I think I like these two cuts. I realize they are pretty much the same thing, just ones a little longer. Opinions anyone. Have you seen anything nice out there.

I'm so loving the cut on Kristen Storms....just not sure I want to go that short. My hair takes forever and a year to grow out. (It literally taken 3 years to grow this long) And I think I would need to be blond also to pull this look off.

Blake is adjusting so well to being a big brother. He loves to get Bryson's diapers and throw out the old one. The cutest thing ever is he likes to check his bottle temperature on his wrist as he's seen me do. He will freak now and I quote say Blake do it, Blake do it, if I don't let him do it too. After he is finished checking it, he must shake it up too.... Its so cute. He is going to be such a protector to this little guy.

It's pretty amazing how Bryson looks just like Blake did at this age. Only time will tell, but I believe they will look like cookie cutter kids.

Enjoy your day!!!
Cathy, Blake and Bryson

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bryson, the Tonka truck, and albums oh my

Everything is going great with Baby Bryson. He had his first Dr checkup and she said he was perfect. (duh I already know that) He is growing and almost back to his birth weight, which I'm sure he is past now since its 3 days later.

Blake is still adjusting to sharing "his mommy" with little brother. We are making progress though. He doesn't mind if Josh holds him but he doesn't really like me holding him for anything more than 5 minutes. He tells me to put him back in his bed. lol

And of course I like to pose little babies. They can sleep anywhere so why not. And they are so cooperative at this age.

Nothing new scrappy wise to show you. Blah! Question How do you store your pages with 2 kids. Does each child have an album of their own? Where do you put pages that feature both kids? Do you make 2 pages? I really don't know what to do with this new addition to scrap? Tell me what you do or would do?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Look who's here

Bryson Alexander made his grand entrance to the world on July 8th at 7:17am. He weighed in at 7.7 and was 19 inches tall. We are home and resting. :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


July is here, yay. It's now 10 days before my due date and I can't wait. It's very hot and humid here and in therefore, I can't breathe most of the time. Otherwise I'm feeling pretty good. I've been having a few small contractions, but nothing serious.

Sunday we celebrated the 4th with my farther in law. All the kiddos were there, which rarely happens. I wasn't feeling the greatest so guess what no pictures. However, someone managed to take this awful photo of me watching the kids play in the grass. Blake had a blast playing with all the kids, especially Brennon. Those two play so well together.

On my way to catch up on some blogs and look for a few challenges to get involved in. I feel so not inspired lately. Off to see the pretties.....

Friday, July 2, 2010

baby shower

Hello everyone

It's 4 am, and I'm so awake. My sleep schedule is so messed up right now. Josh lets me sleep whenever I need to so, I don't see it getting any better until this little one gets here. I'm so exhausted and out of breathe lately. Tomorrow I will officially be 38 weeks along. Ohh! Our baby shower was this past Saturday. We had a good time, and left with most of the necessities for Bryson.

I especially loved this one. It was a big surprise.
We really wanted this crib set, I just love it.
It looks so much better on the dark wood too.
His bed looks so adorable with it, and big brother
said "I like it, I like it."

And of course a photo of the soon to be big brother Blake.
He seems excited about little brother,
but I'm not sure he fully understands.
Isn't he cute here in his rocker outfit.
He choose the hat himself.

We have a ton of last minute baby items to purchase and errands to run today. No sleeping in for me. I have my 38 week check up right before noon, and I'm anxious to see what they think. Last week I was dilated to a 2 and I've been having small contractions all week. Getting nervous!!! Bryson Alexander will be here shortly.