Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Quiet Storm

One: The grass is finally turning a little in our yard. Yay. Still looks awful, but at least something is starting to happen.

Two: I've been busy in the yard planting flowers. Blake enjoyed watching me plant them. He even picked a bloom to taste. (Laughs)

Three: PTSD is still haunting my world. Ahhh its so annoying and confusing.

Four: We went to On the Border AKA my favorite place, for dinner tonight with our friend Brandon. Blake really likes him. Blake also enjoyed his first tortilla chips. He would take his finger and help smash them in his cute.

Five: I've had some time to scrap this week. I'm doing something a little different and I decided to go back to the 8.5 X 11 style. Actually I prefer doing 8.5x12 so they fit snug in the 12x12 albums. I'm strange I know this already. I love my scrap friend Jill's work and her creative freestyle and thought I would try some of her ideas. Turns out its pretty fun and not doing things "perfect" isn't so bad. The pages seem to come together so much quicker. Here are a couple of my latest for your viewing pleasure. I feel this first page is missing something. I was considering adding a few buttons around the page. Not sure yet.

Six: No news to report on the military status. That's also annoying.

Seven: My FIL house was hit and destroyed by the tornado's in Georgia on Tuesday. Lucky It wasn't the home he resides in. Bad for us, because he was going to allow us to stay there when we move back home, so we could take the time to find the right house. I don't want to be house poor. I'm a smart girl and I don't have to keep up with the Jones, Smiths and Rockafellers to be happy. With that said we don't want a dump either.

Eight: I recently discovered I could listen to my favorite radio station on the net. Why didn't I think of this 5 years ago. I so missed some of my favorite DJ's...... Porsche Foxx, Greg Street, Ryan Cameron, and Joyce Littel and the Quiet Storm....... ahhhh I always listened to this on my drive home from the OC.

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