Friday, June 27, 2008

Was it arson?

It was about 1:30 am Wednesday night. We were about to head to bed. Instead we hear 2 quick, loud popping sounds coming from outside. They sound like gun shots. So the mother in me, ends Josh out to check things out. Turns out someone had set fire to a little silver car that's been parked at the empty building on our street. The building is sorta hidden in the woods and pass the neighborhood. The car has been there about a year now. I actually thought someone lived in the building, as I have seen the car gone every now and again. Police say it was a stolen car. That had crossed my mind before but when I seen it gone I thought someone actually lived int he building. Lesson here is, if you think something just isn't right, then it probably isn't. OK then on Thursday when everyone goes out to their car, we all realize our cars had been broken into and gone through. Nothing big was taken. Kerry had a bottle of wine stolen, Josh had his meds emptied and we found the bottles at the end of the cult a sac (TG the army pays for them), Jeromy and Sarah's medical kit was taken.....I wonder if they were hurt during the fire. (some of the medical kit was used and in the road) Weird huh? They were tons of valuable things in the cars, my husbands $500 radio sitting in the back seat not installed just sitting there collecting dirt, neighbors winning off lottery tickets, other neighbors scuba diving gear. wow they really could have made some money. Thank god they were kind enough to leave that alone. So since we were awake all night Wednesday from the excitement, this is what I did. I am so loving this color combo. Green and browns. Love it. Decided its going to be my new colors in the LR after we move back to GA and buy a real house. (army houses aren't great)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One Happy Mama

Ok so I can't help but to tell anyone and everyone who will listen (or read in this case) how very proud I am of my son. He is now on a sippy cup full time. No more bottles in my house. Yay Blake, you really are a big boy now. Its so bittersweet, because you will always be my baby, but I see those days slipping away a little more each day. He never took a pacy so that's a plus. He is only 14 months old. WTG Baby.

His pediatrician says all babies should be off the bottle by 18 months at the oldest. Otherwise it can start teeth problems with over bites, decay all that nasty stuff that you just don't want your kid to have. Or at least I don't. I know they are tons of kids out there 2 and 3 years old still on a bottle. Those kids are big enough to let it go. It's a comfort item for them not something they need. So my advice to parents, be strong. I decided to put my foot down with Blake and be strong. I put water in the bottle and juice in the sippy gave both to him. He drank half to water from the bottle fussed at bit. Went to bed, the next morning, I gave him a sippy with juice and he drink without any problem and has been bottle free ever since. We are going on day 4 now without a bottle.

I want to take an artistic photo of the empty bottles to scrap his accomplishment. Too bad I already threw out all the Dr Browns, Nuks, and Gerber's (that he and I hated), but I still have a cabinet full of others. Any tips on that let me know.

And Last this is my page for the dream girls "first time" challenge. I tried to add more stitches but couldn't figure out where to put them. I love the colors on this page, and have to say its one of my favorites thus far. This is my favorite color combination at the present, oranges, greens and browns. If we were not planning to move soon, I would redecorate the house in those colors. I think I have finally got over my red days. I've even removed most of the red decor from the house. (MIL your surprised right) I think my new favorite color would be calm, earth shades of green. Blah Blah here is happy boy at the Park enjoying his first swing.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Have you heard of the new scrap site called Scrapstars? It's going to be big. If not check it out. The 3rd challenge is posted titled going platium. You need to scrap with bling AKA anything shiny. Someone thought I should do a page on my wedding rings that I thought I just had to have in platium. It's amazing how material things are so important in our lives as teenagers and young adults. Now I would not "just have" to have a $3500 dollar ring. Instead, I would go for something way less, way way less. 5 years later and nearing 30 I would rather have something less flashy and simple. I would chose a nice pink colored emerald cut stone with small diamonds on both sides. Hmmm maybe I will start dropping thousands of hints to my hubby that I want this for our 10 year anniversary. ok back to the topic. This is my page for the scrapstars challenge. ( DH is singing I wanna be a scrapstar to me right now.....his version of I wanna be a rock star. Thats my hubby for you, always playing around.) Here is my page. I know this is not the best photo and has shadows. Im sorry for that, but with the bling on here my scanner and the camera was not very happy.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bit of everything

I'm still waiting for my gift card to come in the mail. I hate waiting for mail. On a good note I finally have all the paperwork finished and my car is now in legal order once again. Yay. I cant wait to drive it to the store and around again. That will be so nice. I still plan to drive the SUV when Blakes with me, bc its safer for him, but when its just me, I'll have to drive the mustang.

I've been thinking alot lately about Mothers and how some mother just have that mothers devotion for their child. Everyone who See's me with my son can tell I'm an A+ mother. It's something that's extremely important to me. I want my son to look back at his childhood and know he was wanted and loved. That he put the sparkle in my eye, my diamond in the sky. I feel a mother is suppose to love and adore her child, more than anything and Especially anyone in this world. Know I do love my husband, but my love for Blake is a different kind of love. If my hubby cheats or hit me than that's it, but with Blake that is different. They are nothing in this world I wouldn't do, or give up for him. He can turn out to the gay, and I will still love him the same. He can fall in love with a girl from another race and that would be completely fine with me. With this said, I don't understand how some mothers don't have these same feeling toward their children. How can a mother sleep at night when she hasn't spoken to her young child all day. I cant imagine going to bed at night without my child under the same roof. They are no way I could get any sleep. I cringe at the fact that I will have to force myself to allow Blake's grandmothers to keep him from time to time when we move back to GA. I will learn but he will be older. I know they both would take excellent care of him, I just don't trust anyone with my boy. In my opinion No one can care for him like I can. How can a mother think about what she doesn't have material wise, when she has her child. That love makes her a millionaire in my mind. A small child's love is unconditional and they deserve that same love back. I dont get it? can someone explain this to me.

The new challenges are posted over at Scrap stars, and dream girls now. Im going to try to do both. Will have to see. One is for glitter bling platium stuff, which I love and the other is for the first time at something. Sounds fun right? Dream girls has a nice prize pack and I think the other site has a prize too, not sure. Here are a couple of my latest pages. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Josh had his 2nd surgery today. We arrived at the hospital around 11:00 and didn't leave until after 5:00pm. The operation went well and they were able to remove all of the cyst. He is a bit ill and whiny, but other than thaton his feet and walking around more than I believe he should be. Blake was too bad at the hospital. Its always hard to keep a small child sitting still in a waiting area for hours on end not to mention all day.

Now for some good news. I won the contest over at brickfish. Yay! I cant wait to get my gift card. Its a $50 card to Which is also one of my favorite sites. I was so excited to win a prize. I never win anything like that. Guess it would help if I actually entered more often, but I dont really have those desires just yet. ------>

Blake update....He is finally gathering the courage to take a few
steps on his own. About time right? He was 14 months old as of June 12. He moves so fast now and will walk 6-8 steps before he falls or either gets down on the knees to crawl again. At least I know he is making progress! With the summer here, I cant wait until he realizes he can do it alone and just takes off. Then we can go outside in the grass. It will be so awesome.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Elsie, Heidi, Slice, and Mojo

Not much going on this week, besides tags and registrations. No Fun! I'm stuck in a ditch, no make that a canyon. I need major inspiration. Usually, I would visit a few of favorite online galleries but I thought I would try something different. I ordered a few books Ive been wanting for a long time now. Elsie's 52 Scrapbooking Challenges, and Love your handwriting by Heidi Swapp. I cant wait for these to come in the mail. They both look awesome and even better they were on sale for $7.49 each at CK. Check it out if you want.

Have you guys heard of the newest Die Cutting release from Making Memories? Its called the Slice. Introduced at CHA and is expected to hit retail this summer. Its a small, portable machine and can be used with scrap paper. It going to be around $150 and they say it will be able to cut True type fonts from your computer. The con it only cuts up to 4 inches and in half inch increments. But for someone like me it seems pretty nice. I would mainly use this type of tool for titles and cutting simple shapes like circles, stars, journal tags etc. Will I buy one? Who knows. The cricut sounds nicer now that the SCAL software is out there. I'm not saying nicer than this product, but nicer than it did before. I would want to buy all those carts and that would be stupid. Want to see my latest pages, well sure you do......hehe......yeah I'm that bored!