Thursday, May 29, 2008


So it seems Blake is taking after his dad and loves music but prefers Rap. One of my boys favorite shows to watch is Hip Hop Harry, he loves this show and will sit through the entire thing. I just love to watch him interested in something. I think its because its full of alot of signing and dancing. He also loves to watch Meteror and the mighty monster trucks. . This kid is all boy, and I love it. He is so tough.

My newest addiction in scrapping is thread. I still hate sewing on buttons, but I love to add stitches to my pages in other ways. Lately I'm adding frames around the pictures and pages with thread. Give it a try. I love the look and the little something extra it adds.

My plans today include trying to make it to Archivers to look around. I would like to find those Maya Road sheer journal notes still, but I doubt they have them. I ask everytime I'm in there with no luck. I'm sure they are even sick of me asking. IMO to be Archivers, which is a decently well known scrap store, they don't carry the latest products, like I would expect. Still No AC spring and summer collection :( oh well I guess it keeps me from spending to much $.


Lydia Siegel said...

I used to stitch, but I HATE doing it by hand. I want a sewing machine now. Well great new lo.

Debbie said...

You will have to teach me the stitching when you get home I am not real savy when it comes to the scrapping so I can get into it more when you get here I love it!