Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins we go!

1. I'm cold, I'm sleepy, I should get in bed.

2. Why do I have to be fat and not a size 3 anymore.

3. How does this thing called life work, anyway?

4. Every morning, I put clean pants on my little prince.

5. I consider myself lucky because I have Blake in my life.

6. One day we’ll see if god is up there.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to scrapping, tomorrow my plans include scrapping and Sunday, I want to scrap some more!

Friday, February 27, 2009


What a long road we have traveled this year and its only February. Whew! So now that we are settling in, I thought it was time to clean up the PC. You can clean yours also by clicking Here

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Woot woot a layout

And at last, I have a layout. Yay! Its based off this sketch over at pagemaps by Beck Fleck.

First off, I want to apologize for the less than mediocre photo. The colors are so wrong and washed out here. I tried to adjust it in Photoshop but that wasn't working at all. Here is what I came up with. I plan to add the brads to the photo turns when I find them. I'm not crazy about the title area, but I was using what I could find at the moment. I wanted to add something over to the side but nothing was looking right IMO. I think I may put a little tree or pumpkin over there. Maybe not. Have I mentioned how much I love this orange print PP. Its called Timeless from the Moda Bella collection by America Crafts.

I am currently working on the scrapping out loud challenge this week. As you can see I stink at stamping so after I did this I put it away. This photo has been stuck in one of the photo collage type frames since 2003. Since my wall space here is limited, I thought why not scrap some of them. I want to paint the frame and rework it later on when I find more time to create. I'm thinking of putting it in our guest bath, but Im not sure thats exactly what our guest what to see when they tinkle.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quick update

We are still unpacking and getting organized. I'm trying to reduce the amount of stuff, as this is a much smaller place and the worst part it has no storage, not even a broom closet. I'm really pleased with the colors and Blake LOVES his new room. He is always disappearing to his room now and plays and watches his movies in there. Its so cute. I'm also trying to learn to cook on gas. I'm not a fan. I've already burnt my fingers by trying to pick up a hot grid. Best part, I have my scrapbook stuff now. Yay! Ive been looking at it for a few days now, but I have not found time to scrap yet. I must figure something out. More later when I get my PC set up.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My honeytone peanut butter jelly time toast sketch post

Sadly, I haven't been up to anything TOO exciting this week. The remodel still consumes us on a daily basis. We are making some major progress this week. My FIL Mike and I installed new carpet in the master bedroom today. Monday night I painted the room" Honeytone", which is made by Glidden. Its a light warm shade of yellow. Its a small room, but I love the way it looks with the white molding and chair rail. I'm going for a bright, happy, creative style room. I hope waking up to color will freshen my day and make me a happier person and I'll feel inspired to scrap even more . Ok so this is the comforter I chose. Its called fresh nectarine. Its one of those down alternative ones, so I'm hoping its snuggley soft. Its so pretty, that I cant wait to take it out of its bag.

I'm really stuck on Orange lately. I use to hate that color. I'm going to add some bright throw pillows with blues, teals, greens, reds and pinks to the bed, and maybe even a body pillow in place of Euro shams. I know it sounds kinda teen-ish but I don't care.

After the carpet was finished and the primer was dry, it was off to pick a color for the front room, Pretty much the entire main living area, and I've been thinking about this for weeks now. So we walk in, Blake walks up to the little paint card selector and pulls out a color. And surprisingly only one, then he and Dad disappears to the electronics. After looking at every shade of yellow, green, tan and gold there and Twenty minutes later, I decided my 22 month old must know best. Yep! you guessed it. In the end, Blake choose the main paint color. Its called Queens Gold by Dutch Boy and I think he made a great choice. I painted a huge wall tonight and I must say I'm liking it. Why do we tend to make things difficult when we grow up?

My sister Connie, is taking Blake on a special Valentines Day date. I'll tell you more about that another time. While they are gone, Josh and I hope to get everything unpacked and moved in. So cross you fingers and scissors and lets all hope we get moved in this weekend.

Have you seen all the beautiful red and pink Valentines flyers and sales ads this year? Usually I'm not a huge February 14th fan, bc its always been just another day for me. Actually I'm cynical or even jealous, bc its a man made holiday with the sole purpose of selling flowers, candy and cards, plus the fact that my dear husband, never acknowledges the day or any other holiday as far as that goes. Seriously (Josh) I don't expect anything this year, bc we are so broke. In all honesty, I hate the holidays bc it reminds me of what I don't have in life, and Im not talking material things. Back to the beginning , In honor of the day, I made a valentines sketch. I see it covered in rhinestones, hand stitches, hearts and pretty paper. I love the we are memory keepers "Heart Attack Collection". I especially love sweetheart and Flutter paper.

This will probably sound crazy, but this sketch was inspired by that crazy peanut butter jelly song. That song reminds me of toast, and well do you see the toast in this sketch. I don't know how it will transfer to paper lol, but this is what boredom will do to you.

I love this photo of Blake. I think it really shows that he is quickly approaching 2 years old and the baby stage will officially be a thing of his past.

This is Jayla and Blake. They really love each other. She loves to lay and nap with Blake, and they play so good together.

Off to bed. Mike and I are laying Blake's carpet in the morning, and his room will be ready to go. I cant wait for him to have his first real bedroom and it be a big boys room. So exciting!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

RAK blog candy

CHECK this out, over at Gauche Alchemy . They are giving away a huge pile of treasures, RAK!. All you have to do to be included in the drawing is comment on their site for 1 entry. For another entry put the link on your blog and leave a comment, so what are you waiting for!! You have until 2/11.

Science, computers, aliens, cosmology, electronics, books, studious nerds, math….thats what you'll find in the New kit over at Gauche Alchemy. It goes up for sale or grabs as of Monday, 2/9. So are you geek-chic?

SCKC 2009 needs your help. Simple 6x6 basic scrapbook pages for abused children. Boys pages are really needed right now. Click the link for more info.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

we got electricity and its antique red

Today is February 5, 2009. That means another year has passed and I survived my birthday and turned the awkward age of 28. I know to most people think 28 is still very young, but to me not so much. I will so be one of those woman having the mid life crises, no wait thats not suppose to happen at 30. Ok so I'll have to reinvent the dare I say age old "tradition" and call it the 1/3 no semi-mid life crisis. yeah I like that! You do know this will occur when I turn 40 also and heaven forbid when I actually hit 50. Deep Breathe and counting to 10. So for my birthday, Josh took me to a little pizza restaurant (i know and it was my choice) and then we came home. All this home improvements, have left us tired, moody, sore, and broke. We dont want to do anything, but get a good nights sleep.

Are they any Crochet fans out there? If so here is a beautiful flower tut HERE. It would look awesome on your pages. So I don't have anything new scrappy fabulous to show you, unless you want to see my scrapbooks etc magazine that came in the mail. But I'm sure half of you already got yours, browsed the projects, read the articles, looked at the pretty layouts and filled it away. (yes I'm beyond stir crazy these days if your wondering) I dont even know really what came out at CHA this year, bc its too painful to look. Do you realize, all the then "new" papers I got last July/August are 95% untouched. So sad. You girls so realize I'm going to be a scrapping fool 24/7 after we move in. Ha, in reality I will probably have ZER0 mojo and stare at everything and complain to Josh about how long this took. Apparently I'm very whiny as of late, but who wouldn't be sleeping on the couch.

So on to remolding phase.......The painting stage has began. Our kitchen is now coated with a awesome shade called Antique Red (S-H-190) from Behr. I'm going to love it, everyone else I dont really know. (photos to come)

This leads me to the next bit of good news. Our household goods is scheduled to be delivered next Friday. Doing the happy dance, hey wait did you notice that date....yeah its Friday the 13th. You ask do I believe in that, the answers no! But on the side of the fence, if things have a chance of going wrong, they usually do in my life. Our electricity was turned on today. In the words of Blake, YaaaY! :) The bedroom drywall is finished now and ready to be sanded and painted. (they sold out of the bed set I wanted so back to picking a color there) I see this room staying white for awhile so I can make a plan. So close yet still a week away. Seems like forever when your oh so comfy pillow top mattress is in storage collecting who knows what in those dirty warehouses.

Today Blake had another checkup. He weighs 24.3 pounds and has came up on the growth scale to 25%. Its not where I would pencil him in, but its a heck of alot better than 3-5% where he was 2 months ago. It's expensive but Pedisure works! He also has been eating Bananas really good, and the entire thing. They are the smaller ones, but I'm so happy to see that. He's actually eating real nutritious food, and its a fruit.

Enough rambling tonight, its late and I must get to sleep as Tomorrow we are painting Blake's bedroom. I hope everyone who reads this has a fun, happy, and warm weekend. Nighty-Nite.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Flower Tutorials

These were found on you tube. I plan on trying these next month, and thought I would share.