Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Skeletons in the house

Its almost time for Halloween! Well sort of, but were ready. I totally changed my mine when got arrived at the costume store today. I didn't like the way the Frankie costume fit Blake and they didnt have the little devil one at all. So I ended buying skeleton costumes. Were going to be the skelly family this year. Going to make, but not all matchy matchy. Here they are....

Josh's came with everything, the hat, cane the works. I'm thinking about getting a pink wig to go with mine.... what do you think?

Monday, September 28, 2009


Thanks everyone for hoping in the blog hop this weekend. It was a blast and I enjoyed seeing all the different takes on the hop sketch.

Let's see this past week will be one I remember for a long time. I still don't know what comes next with my car. I'm still waiting. Also not sure if I will have job or not, we are still waiting on corporate to make a decision to rebuild or count their losses and move on. Camping World fans so shopping and be sure to tell the GM they must reopen the GA store. I loved my mustang for many reason. It was the first car I bought all by myself. It was paid for. I love mustangs. hehe but now that I have a little one to chauffeur to parks, playgrounds, and doctors appointments I don't think I will get another mustang. Instead I have my eye on this car. Its the pontiac G6. Does anyone drive this car? Reviews? I've never had a pontiac b4 so we'll see.

Be on the flip side, I have enjoyed spending the days with my little man again. I miss so much when I'm at work. Friday we spent the evening with grandma and his cousins. Blake and Brennon really enjoyed these cardboard boxes. So much fun for little boys.

On the the scrappy side of things. I have managed to do a couple of pages. I played along with the challenge over at SSS this weekend. Distressing and stamping, both techniques I am trying to use more as of lately. I'm really starting to like distressing, I shall add.

I finally got some of the monstrosity line. Love it. Its so incredibility cute, I didn't cut it for a week. Here is my first creation using this line and expect to see tons more of it. Its that cute.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Hello everyone and welcome to Scrapbook Challenges Blog hop. If you have just stopped in, please join us and start at the founder Pamela Young blog. If you have not heard Scrapbook Challenges before go check it out. We have weekly sketches designed by Pamela herself, and monthly prizes, from awesome companies like Unity stamps and my Little Shoebox. In fact, My Little Shoebox is our generous sponsor for the month of September, and they supplied us with a HUGE prize. One lucky winner will get a sheet of paper from all of their new lines, including the die cut papers and a sheet of full die some alphabets. It's amazing and you still have a chance to win by visiting the group and playing along with a challenge or sketch before the end of the month.

Here is the sketch Pamela created exclusively for this hop.

I rotated the sketch like this.

And here is my Layout using the sketch.

Today we also will be giving away some fabulous prizes just for hopping along with us. Check them out. Be sure to comment along your way and play along with the sketch for your chance to win some of this.

5 random facts about me.
1. I am the Design Team coordinator here at Scrapbook Challenges.
2. My car was flooded last week in the storms here in GA. Its depressing!
3. Though I use to hate the color orange, I know love it.
4. American Crafts is in my top 3 fave companies.
5. I believe mommy is the best work in the entire world.

Don't give up now, your almost there only a couple more stops. I would like to Thank you for visiting Scrapbook Challenge blog hop.
Your next stop is Byrnn.

In case you get lost on the blog hop...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Flood damage

Well I have good and bad news.
My car its totally trashed, and Im pretty
certain it's even totaled.
Water can do major damage.

Here is the lower lot, at this time my car was
still safe. Thats his wing you see in the side pic.
This pic was taken around 6 pm when the finally
people were leaving work.

Right now its starting to look bad for him.
The waters are about 10 feet away at this time.
Thankfully, I wasn't there to see him like this,
around 2 pm I made the decision to leave.

And now the next morning still sitting in a
bed of slime mud. I dont even know how
high the water was but by the looks it was
over my dashboard.

It's nasty. Red mud covers the engine.

The water and mud soaked the inside.
I dont even know how high it was inside but my
drink holder is still full of water. My dash was too.
I spilled into my hands when I opened it.

This is my sister's truck, which
was also there.

This is the inside of the store. I can't imagine how long
this cleanup will take and when it will be over.
Or if the doors will even open again.
Right now its up in the air.

How depressing.

Flood lessons for Kenny

oh how exciting, I won this week over at SSS. So exciting. Its a very cute little challenge blog that forces people like me to use their stamps, instead of looking at them. I also played along this week. We were to use blue and green and a stamp. I combined this challenge with the sketch of the week over at SC. Check them out.

Its Monday and that means the big reveal of Mondays Sketch. Here is #162, and my take on it.

I'm sorry for the awful Pic, hopefully I will get a fresh one when the rain stops. Oh when the rain stops, that leads me to another topic. The rain! Here in Georgia we are covered in rain water. Yes I mean flooded. They closed interstate 575, Highway 92 and the local city street I work on by noon today. But for some reason, we did not get the memo. And my GM, whom I normally like, was saying its not that bad. So therefore, I sure my car is probably ruined, my pretty white mustang is now stuck in this lot. My car is parked up next to the store so by the looks of that blue truckits barely us to mid wheel so my car is on higher ground. Hopefully he is safe.

My luck, my interior is ruined after this unique mixture of fresh rain and swamp, yes I said nasty swamp waters. (Hope its not in there) This is a view from the highway of my work. The worst part is the building sits in a hole located next to a swamp. If you look at the bottom of the units it doesnt appear that deep. I'm saying prayers for Kenny.

So what am I to do? I decided to ask the oh so glorious crystal ball and for what does she see....

this shiny red sebring convertible?

ohh this beautiful bug
how cute is this?

classy car like this one

ummm not so fast honey she responded by telling me she sees one of these in my near future. A brand new bright and well not so shiny POS, if I ever want to achieve a nice house in the next 5 years. Oh how I hope the insurance company will cover this. I have had the policy for almost `0 years now. Wish me luck with this one.

So everyone please wish Mustang Kenny good luck and good health. It looks like I am need it. Good thing is I was able to get myself and my sister to safety and everyone else's car is there too, so I'm not alone in this battle.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Round Robin and SIS

Have you heard of Scrap and Stamp Saturday. Its a really cool challenge blog that as you guess forces you to use your stamps. I love to buy and collect stamps but I rarely use them. I cant get the bold, bright results that everyone else does. I dont get it. Ahh! So I've been playing along with them with the hopes of learning to actually use some of them. This week the challenge was to use this sketch, design by Pamela Young and of course, at least one stamp.

Over at scrapbook challenges we played a game of Round Robin. The original layout was by the fabulous Jill Deiling, you can see it here. Here is my take and the winning team's layouts.

I think we are going to go with the little Devil costume after all for Blake. Thanks for every ones input. I'm off to catch up on some Blogs and galleries. Nite Nite.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Help me pick

So I thought I had Blake's Halloween costume figured out, but I'm not so sure. They are so many really cute ones these year for his age. Next year he will be able to choose for himself, so I want to make sure he looks really cute this year. What do you think?

Monsters Inc. Disney Mike Candy Catcher Child Costume - Costumes

Universal Studios Monsters Lil Frankie Toddler Costume - Costumes

Lil Spitfire Toddler Costume - Costumes

Green Lil Dino Child Costume - Costumes

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day

I hope everyone was able to squeeze in a little bit of scrapping time. Today was a good day. I had the option to work today or not, and you have to love that. I decided to work for the hours as we have goals and determined to get there. Work was awesome, I finished everything I would normally do and still left a little early. yay.

Sketch Monday, is here over at Scrapbook Challenges. I really loved this week's sketch. Here it is and my layout. I ended up changes the layout a little mainly bc I didnt have 3 photos. I love love love this page and I plan to use it again for another layout too. yay.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Costumes and wigs

I think I have our Halloween costume's picked out for this year. I want Blake and I to match so I'm thinking devils. How cute is this one for Blake. Last year he wasn't to thrilled with the head gear, so I thought this was a good choice. Plus its attached so he can remove it when he likes.

I'm going to be this devil. Josh likes it, and I like it because its not one of those super sexy itty bitty super tiny ones. I need to wear this all day and be able to go trick or treating with Blake and probably carry him some too.

Ok so which of these wigs do you think would look best with this one?

I'm trying to talk Josh into being Hellivs. lol We'll see.