Monday, January 31, 2011

Yes sometimes the bank is wrong

We're going back to Friday January 14th, when my troubles begin. My day is off to a good start, and its payday Friday. Work is happy. Paychecks are handed out and its my first time receiving a real paper check in a very long time. On my lunch break, I visit my local bank branch to deposit my check. I was in the process of switching my direct deposit over from my checking to my saving account. I split this particular check into two deposits, half in each account. Everything goes fine and I leave the bank with two deposit slips in hand, timestamped 12:35pm and 12:36pm. Notice I have made the 2 o'clock same day deposit credit cutoff. After returning to my car, as always I tuck my new deposit tickets into my rarely used checkbook, just in case.

Now it's Friday night, and I am home with the day coming to a close. I log into my accounts to check my deposits. I always do this, even with direct deposit. Actually I am crazy super pretty darn right ridiculous obsessive with my bank accounts and check them several times daily. They are credited as pending.

Saturday morning rolls around and I awake. A few hours pass and I log on to check my accounts. In reality, it's been less than 12 hours since I last checked, but like I said I'm obsessive. To my surprise my deposits have vanish......yes both of them. Not subtracted, deducted, spent, just simply vanished.

What do I do? I think ok its Saturday the system is updating and it will be back after it finishes. I didn't think too much about it. Sunday night after midnight I check again and still nothing. Monday is MLK day so bank holiday. Come Tuesday when I know all the system have finished processing for the weekend I call the 1 800 # for my bank. I tell the lady my deposits are gone from my account. They were there Friday night and now they are gone. She looks at my account and precedes to tell me they are no proof of a deposit on my account from Friday the 14th. I tell her I know that what Im trying to tell you the reason I'm calling. She again tells me she has no "evidence of a deposit" well this kinda irritates me bc now I feel like she thinks I'm trying to steal money. I say "hold on let me get my deposit tickets from my purse." Now I probably did say that kind harsh, and snappy. I stand up from my chair to get my purse down, from the top of my computer (I would use the fancy A word but I can't spell it) cabinet. The lady tells me She is hanging up on me now. WHAT! What kind of customer service is that? Yes I know I responded snappy and probably not in the nicest tones, but she was talking to me like I was a thief. Of course, now I am steaming mad at this lady and the bank. My money is missing, its been 5 days already and your customer service was so rude. I tell her and yes this is a quote "Hang up on me, I'll just call back Biaaaatch."

Since I don't treat people like this, it gets my husband attention. He insist on calling back. Eventually after almost an hour on the phone with them to no avail as where my money went, they take my information from my deposit tickets. I am told, "if I am correct in the matter, my money will be back in my account the next day or Thursday at the latest.

Wednesday comes and goes. Thursday also arrives and again at 2 pm credit time, there are no credit in my accounts. I call the 1-800 # again. I am told they are still researching it. Friday, I check my account on my lunch break (12 noon) and still nothing. I walk directly upstairs and get on the phone with the bank. After about 5 minutes of being on hold the lady says she sees my credit in my checking account. Its on top of my comcast payment. I know its not on there as I just looked at in literally minutes before I called. The only credit I seen is a $31 refund from Home Depot. I said Ok. I walk down stairs log back into the same computer, and there is my credit in my account. Great thats one, but where is my $400 from my saving deposit.

Again I call the bank back. This time I am told the lady that took the report did not write a ticket for the savings account. I respond yes she did. The person I spoke with mere minutes ago read both transactions in the notes. I know its on there.

I am told they will have to research it now. Do I want to turn in a ticket for that one too? Well Yes. Again I am todl If Im correct, I can expect my money in 7-10 business days. Since my deposit was made to a savings account this time, its not a priority and takes longer. So now an entire week has passed, and I have half of my money back. On Tuesday, we stop by the local branch and speak with the branch manager. He looks at original deposit tickets, which are now filled with Reference #'s and gets on the phone. He assures me, my money will credit that night and be available in the morning. Stating the original problem was bc my husbands name was not on the savings account so the deposits did not go through. OK, the check was in MY name ONLY. Now that would make totally since if the check was in his name and I was trying to deposit to my account. The reverse, I think NOT. Thankfully, come morning my money was back after 12 days.

PLEASE KEEP your deposit tickets from your bank. They told me if I did not have those I probably would NOT have gotten my money back. The had no system "evidence" at all. I'm wondering how many other people this happened too on Friday January 14th.

In conclusion, I am extremely irritated with this bank. To treat a customer with such disregard, is uncalled for, especially when said customers have 5 figures in your bank. And in case you are wondering, we open new accounts this weekend at a new bank. So long Wells Fargo. I could never imagine being treated like this with Wachovia, before this lets mess everything up merge happened.

Today, I receive this in the mail.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sir Topham Hatt

I'm so excited to be scrapping again.
This LO was made from my scrap drawer.
I love what something pretty happens
from something you otherwise didn't think
you would use again.

These photos were taken when
we visited Thomas for Blake's
2nd birthday. He really enjoyed this trip.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We are snowed it.
It's pretty but boring!

Three days and counting.
I'm suppose to go back
to work tomorrow.
We will see.