Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Goodbye 2008

Hello 2009!!!

Wow I cant believe 2009 is already here. Its seems like just last year everyone was freaking over the BIG, which turned out to be ridiculous, Y2K scare. (How many of you stocked up on bottled water and flash light batteries?) My 10 year high school reunion is this year. I'm really starting to feel old and notice how fast time is passing me by. When did I grow up?

How was Christmas for everyone? Since I'm no longer a kid, and have kid of my own Christmas sure was different this year. I think Santa forgot me. He didn't get me an Ipod or anything at all, so if you happen to see him, I give you the OK to smack him upside the head. I guess I was on his naughty list. Hmmmm. My MIL gave me a cozy thrown blanket, in a lovely shade of orange, which I love.

Being back in Georgia for Christmas was really strange. I thought it would be more exciting (and for lack of a better way to say it) a better holiday time, but it wasn't. My mother is not the family type, and doesn't enjoy gathering and Christmas parties. etc. For many many years now, a card with a Benjamin is her idea of a Christmas gift. My father finally made the trip (around 2 hour drive) to meet his first grandson. He brought Blake a noisy police car, which Blake does love, but me not so much. On that note, Christmas for Blake was magical. At my last count, he received 40 things from everyone combined including dvds, shoes, toys, hotwheels cars and Lightning McQueen things for his room........Note to grandparents.....its not nice to out do Santa. I loved watching him rip into the wrapping paper. He really enjoyed that part. And the look on his face once the inside was revealed precious and priceless. He stopped for a moment to looked at his gift, like wow this is for me. So cute and innocent. Christmas from the eyes of a child is pure magic.

Santa got this new big boy set for his new room.

Santa got these cool kid shoes too.
(yeah santa brought needed items bc the
grandparents took care of the toys and then some.)

Cool Kid Explanation. While shopping in walmart, I over hear a conversation between a boy around 10 years old and his father. We were all walking down the main aisle and he says "look dad that baby kid is wearing DC's." Dads says I see that, and then the boy states "that means he is a cool kid." Of course this makes me smile. So in case you didn't know Get your kid some DC's so they can be a cool kid too. Disclaimer: I do not work for Rob or DC, lol, but I do love theirs shoes.

Nana bought this to play cars.

And this Elmo bc she spoils him.

Opening at Gurny and Paw-Paw house now.

Maybe his favorite gift of all.

Opening Gifts at Pappy and GiGi's house.

Blake and mommy Christmas Morning!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe new year in 2009. May your days be filled with Peace, Love and Happiness throughout 2009.


Debbie said...

Oh I love so much to read your blogs you have such a way with words! Have you every thought of writing a book seriously!! You are so thoughtful to include everyone when you write about your life experiences and that is awesome. I love you as much as if I had gave birth to you myself. Even though we have our differences and you may not think so I really do! Love you Mom

Brynn said...

You are too funny. My high school 10 year will also be comming in 09-I'm unsure if I'll be making the trip back to KS. I'm still growing up! -Looks like Christmas was a hit. My kids aren't cool-they wear sketchers. lol. Many blessings for the upcoming year. B.

sarah said...

what cuuuuute pictures!!! blake is such a cutie! :)

anyway, wanted to wish you a happy 2009! :)


Lydia said...

Looks like Blake had tons of fun! :)


Trisha said...

Those are some cool shoes!
Glad you had a great Christmas!

Jill Deiling said...

omg, those are some awesome shoes!! I want some for alex! hehe. too funny about what happened with that 10 year old in wal mart! Looove all the christmas pics, those are so cute!!