Tuesday, December 23, 2008

fruit and wrapping paper

can't believe Christmas is in 2 days. How exciting! Blake is only 20 months old so he doesn't really know whats going on. This past Saturday, we attend for the first time as a family, Josh annual family Christmas party. They were tons of aunt, uncles, cousins and of course kids. Around Thanksgiving, Libby held a name exchange for the kids, so every child received a gift or 3 to open. Here is Blake opening his gifts. To be so little, he really knows how to tare into the wrapping.

Here is a group shot of most of the kids.

The adults get a gift to during a friendly or somewhat dirty game of family Bingo. Basic rules.... every player brings a gift for the same sex resulting in 2 piles, one for the women, one for the men. The first player to Bingo select from their piles, open it. As other players Bingo they get the choice to steal someones already opened gift if they want it, or open something from the remaining pile. It can get interesting to say the least.

Now this lady is Josh's grandmother Lois, AKA maw-maw. She is a very kind and caring lady. Always respectful and the type of person everyone likes. She is quiet and very lady like. She lives on a budget, yet makes sure she buys everyone, and I mean everyone in the family a gift. She doesn't leave anyone off the list from her children and their entire family to her great children. Now thats what Christmas is truly suppose to be about. Opening ones heart to giving to others and making your family feel wanted and loved. It truly is the thought that counts. Not peolple trying to impress with the most expensive gift, or out due another person becaue they can afford too. (PS she is going to teach me to knit, and I cant wait)

As for an update on my family's situation. We have finally found a new place to call home for the next 4-5 years. All the proper permits are in place and we are one step closer. We cant wait! So that leads us to the next question.....the kitchen is all white, tile counters, appliances, doors, cabinets even the walls. In the military, I was never allowed to paint so do you have any suggestions on kitchen colors. Its pretty open to the living room. The island houses the sink and dishwasher. If you look close you can see its higher on one side and drops down to eating height on the other. Kinda strange! Currently it has a wood floor, but its not in the best of shape, so we will probably change that out with some kid friendly vinyl. We have a octagon shaped window in the kitchen. Should I cover that? If so I could use on ideas on that too.

Our dishes are this warm buttery yellow color.
They have hand painted apples, plums, grapes
and pears on them . *Don't hate them, dont love them
either, but I have ALL the matching pieces so I'm not ready
to buy new now either.

Here it is.
The burgundy is wallpaper will come down ASAP.


Babydoll said...


Beth Perry said...

Dirty Bingo?? What/? Why don't I know about this!? lol

I actually learned a fun game of dominos tonight..and we "made" everything diry about it!! hahaha

Merry Christmas to you and I am so glad you are one of my "blog" friends! :P

p.s. never heard that tune...bartender song..pretty cool.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

Merry Xmas Cathy! I've always wanted a teal colored kitchen.. teal and sunshine/mustard yellow. but that's just me :) *hugs*

Lydia said...

Merry christmas.

Now as far as colors from seeing your dishes. I would say go with an warm yellow. Not to bright or dark. Something inbetween. I have seen kitchens that colors and it brightens it up. And as far as that extra punch. Use the green and brown/tan color in the cups. HTH

sollie said...

Merry Christmas to you too!!! I've added you to my list of bloggers.

Melonie said...

So glad you have found a new place!!! I hope you all had a beautiful holiday too:) Looks like Blake had fun at Josh's family party.

The Boy on the Move said...

Hi Cathy..I'd go with a light warm yellow since your dishes have that color theme. It's not white but it is still a nice bright color so your kitchen will be bright and open. Congrats on your new place!