Wednesday, January 7, 2009

something random

I thought I would do something alittle different today.

This is my everyday

handbag. I Love a sexy pair of

Every girl should have at least 1.
My favorite place to eat is

My favorite actress is

I love all her movies especially Sweet
home Alabama. I could listen to

sing all day long. I love his voice. I must admit I
do watch some daytime drama. I love

I love Tyler Perry movies, and
can watch this

every night and still love it.
These are my favorite

scrap snack. I love them and can
eat an entire package at once. And
last this is my favorite scent.


I think I have decided on bedroom colors.
What do you think of these? We are thinking of a mid tan
colored wall. Josh isnt totally sold on the idea, yet but he
said as long as it wasn't pink. I love this bed sheet in the now.
Its very busy and bold and that is whats holding me back
from buying it.


sollie said...

Love the colours for the bedroom.

Brynn said...

LOVE those colors!! It will be great! G.H. too (THAT particular Carly now plays a lesbian on All My Children)!!

Melonie said...

Love that comforter set and love me some Kenny too:)

Lydia said...

i love sweet home alabama, kenny is sexy, Tyler Perry's movies are awesome, and pixies are yummy! O' and I too have a pair of red hheels :)! I love those colors!

sarah said...

o0o0o0! that is such a great idea. i might have to do a post just like that! and diary of a mad black woman is SOOOO hilarious. i saw that and cracked up so hard!

anyway, hope you are doing well.


Jill Deiling said...

haha, this was such a fun blog post!!