Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lightning McQueen

We had fun today. Kaden came over to play for a few hours. We watched Madagascar and Fern Gully, ran a marathon around the kitchen island, built a skyscrapper, and ate more than 100 pretend cheeseburgers and fries. We were busy playing when Kaden looks at me and says you know what. I reply No! what baby? And she says I love Blake.So cute. She loves coming over to visit Blake. She refers to Blakes room, as Blakes house. I love to see the world from a small kid prespective. Here are a few pics of Blakes build sky scrappers. He is really into these mega blocks right now.

Since we spent so much time in Blakes house today, I thought I would share a few pieces of his Lightning McQueen Cars themed room today. He absoutely loves his room. The flag curtains and toy bins were made by my mom. His bed, bedding, bench, and toy caddy were from Santa.

Do anyone have suggestions on what to get a 2 year old for their birthday? I'm clueless.

I don't have anything scrappy to show today, but I did finish my first girly flowery page. Im not sure if it looks okay or not. Its so out of my style range. I dont know if Im going to post it or not. I used a picture of my niece Bailey. She's been on my mind because she was having some dental work and they were putting her under to do so. Such a Scary thing for a little child to go through. She starts school this year, and I cant believe it.
Oh and Check this site out. Its like a deal of the day for scrap supplies.


Peggy said...

Blake's room is gorgeous, a kid's heaven!
As to what to get a 2-year old, I guess that's different for each child ... but all my 3 children had something in common at that age, the noisier the better LOL. They also loved "educational" stuff, you know like when you push the button of a train you hear a whistle, if you push the button of a dog you hear it bark ... they would play with that for hours!
Do post the girly LO, you can't make us all curious and then not post it now can you LOL?!!!
xxx Peggy

Lisa T. Howard said...

Lightning McQueen sure makes a cute "Blake's house". He must LOVE his room!

I would love to help you with a gift idea, but oh my goodness, it has been waaaayyy too many! I just remember buying my son his first real jr. set of golf clubs for his 2nd b-day. Yes, they made them that small. He wanted to be just like his daddy. Even at 2 he was on the golf course for an annual father-son golf tournament held on Father's Day.

And I'm with Peggy, post your girlie page, Girl! Don't be teasin' us!!!!

Beth Perry said...


hahaha JK! :P

Jocelyn said...

Love Blakes Room, oh I mean his HOUSE!!!! So cute and just love the curtains!!!! Does he have a power wheels..... I know Gavin is just loving his right now and he is only 18 months!!! We got a really small one and it goes slow, along with a helmet and with Spring and warmer temps, it gets us out of the house!!! Wishing you a great Thursday!

Ann said...

Oh, I love Cars! And I love the toy bins! I wish I could sew.

I use the 40% off coupon for Thickers at HL. My michael's for some reason doesn't carry thickers.

When Hobby Lobby has a 50% off stickers sale, it includes the thickers.

Ann said...

Oh I know what you are saying...some of the thickers are chipboard, some felt, some foam. But my Hobby Lobby displays them with their stickers and I have always got the discount here when they have 50% off stickers.