Thursday, April 30, 2009

how much is too much and Im not talking about scrabooking.

I really love American Crafts. They are a fabulous company, always on top of the market, and always full of beautiful new line of terrific thickers. I love these new rain boots thickers. They are skinny but puffy, and they are gorgeous. Remember those MOD sheets I mentioned before, from SISTV? Gotta Its the yellow grid here.

I had my meeting with the first school. Opinion/ Impression wasn't so great. It seemed way to expensive, but on the positive note you could graduate in 36 weeks. I don't want to be in school for years and years, but a quick in and out its what I'm looking for either. They also don't accept "hope" or any other form of student aid besides the Federal Pell grants.

Doing my research, I discover a Radiography program offered at the local tech school. Its very affordable and I love the idea of doing ultra sounds. How cool would it be to reveal to an expectant mother the sex of their child. Oh my, I would love that. Downside, the program only accepts 20 new students per year. You must register and finish what they refer to as health care science certificate, which is mainly core classes, and then apply for this program, and be chosen based on HOBET test score, attendance and previous grades. I'm a glass half empty kind of girl, so I would be afraid to risk this for failure to gain acceptance. Then I would have wasted my time with the health care certificate as its not really good for anything in the real world, job wise. The medical assistant class doesn't require those classes. I'm not interested in massage therapy or EMT so I couldn't use those credits for anything if I chose that route and didn't make it in the class. Now I was pretty smart in school and most things came easy to me, but I have forgot most of the math I learn. The HOBET test has advanced algebra and calculass sections. In high school I took, algebra A&B and then moved to Geometry A, B and Geometry 2A, B. I loved Geometry. So yeah who knows how I would mange with those formulas there. And no calculators are allowed. BUT ...... At this school, the medical assistant program, is a diploma certification, instead of an associates degree. Therefore, I am a bit hesitant. So many choices to make ,so little time.

Does anyone have any genuine advice or guidance to share?


Beth Perry said...

hey sweetie...sorry, I am at a loss here. I really don't know what to tell you. There are pros and cons to all of your choices.
Good luck, though, and keep me posted.
I do, however, love that layout! And I am sooo loving the new thickers! Can't wait to get my hands on them! Yay! :D
Talk to you soon!
Oh yeah, if you get a chance and can still make an altered vintage book, you have until this Sunday to upload and can still get put in the drawing! :D

Ann said...

Hey! I just found out that you are on Pamela's design team... Congrats girl!!!! I love Pamela's group.

Lisa T. Howard said...

Oh Cathy! Decisions. Decisions. They are never easy. While I can't help you, I will offer some support. You are doing exactly what you should do. You are doing your homework, thinking it all through and weighing the options. The only thing I can offer for advice is when the decisions are so overwhelming, I make a list of pros and cons. Actually seeing it on paper helps me gain more perspective and allows me to really listen to my gut. KWIM? I'm a firm believer in trusting my instincts. The trick is to be able to recognize those instincts and not get them mixed up with all the emotions that making a decision brings. Good luck, my friend! I know you will make the right choice.

One more point to mention. Once you decide which way to go, even if it turns out to not necessarily be the "perfect" choice, you can be certain you will walk away with something...even if it is only the confidence in knowing you are being pro-active about your future! Love ya!

P.S. Another great layout! Hope you get to do something fun for National Scrapbook Day!

Jocelyn said...

I so agree with all the other girls...this is going to be a tough decision, but I think you are really thinking this through and KUDOS for doing that!!! Please remember that any education is never a waste and can open doors, to lead you to what you really want to do!!! Take me for instance...I wanted to be a teacher, my Dad refused to pay for my education if I went for teaching and so I ended up in Business which I hated it and quit college just before receiving my AA Degree. Got married, had my daughter went back to school to complete my AA degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling....went on to receive my BA in Social Work...found that it made my heart too sad and ended up with my own outpatient substance abuse counseling center with my Dad!!!! SO, see how life changes lead you to where you are supposed to be!! Sorry I wrote you a book!!! Love the LO, but then I love everything that you create!!!!! Can't wait to see what you create this weekend~~~

Melonie said...

Nothing to add that hasn't already been said. I am so happy that you are out there researching and taking the steps to make your dreams come true. These decisions are never easy but I know you will do amazing things no matter what road you choose.