Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Ad this" bucket head


I am back again, yep, to show you my guest design team layout's big reveal. (now I sound all important hehe)

<----------Here is the current weeks ad over at Ad This blog. It's really cool and of course makes me think of music instantly, therefore I went with another topic. I figure everyone will see music with this one. The twist is to include some type stitches on your page. I'd love to see everyone participate, you won't be sorry, they have some awesome prizes for taking. So here it is.

Talk about being bored, we are still without cable. I haven't watch TV in almost 2 months and I can say I'm missing my favorites. The comcast folks sent the installers out today, but failed to make arrangements for the guys that actually run the main outside wires. Hello, we told you they were no prior service here and that would have to be done first. So we shall wait. Again!

Look at this treasure I found on Sunday, and for only $13. Wow. I kinda have a thing for the faux
alligator skin bags, and I love this bright yellow for summer. Yellow makes me happy!!! Crossing that one off my list, and now I'm on the lookout for a beautiful orange bag. Random fact, I'm the type of girl who doesn't carry your plain black or brown bag.

And last but definitely not least, Look what came in the mail today for the super fabulous mega talented Beth . This lovely package, that the PO neglected and abused. Doesn't the envy look so sad and mangled? Hey united states postal service AKA USPS, I think we pay enough to send a package, so if you could please be kind and gentle, I would appreciate it.

But safe in sound hiding inside were these beauties. Yes I think thickers are a beautiful invention, not only are they useful and pretty, they are totally awesome. Thickers make me happy!!! BTW whats your favorite thickers font? I love some many, but I think my favorite is the jewerly box font. I wanna know, So do tell?

(thanks Beth)

Off to bed, again. We have to return a truck we were going to buy for Josh today. Short version, we take the truck, fill it with gas, start home, drive about 15 minutes, take the exit ramp and the oil pressure flat lines. I know if you drive it in that condition it will blow up the motor. Anyway, The truck has sat for 8-9 months now, but I'm no mechanic. FIL says its probably needs a new oil pump or just the oil and filter is clogged and needs changed. We don't know. One doesnt want to have issues with a new vehicle (thought not brand new) 30 minutes after driving away. We'll see how tomorrow goes.


Jocelyn said...

I just love this LO that you did! It is FANTASTIC, loving the circle and the stitching!!!!! Wow, no cable, I would be losing my mind. Loveing the purse!!!! Great Color!!!! Wishing you a Terrific Tuesday and thanks for stopping by my Blog and leaving such great comments. I always look forward to seeing you!!!!!!

Ann said...

I checked out the Ad This blog this past weekend. Eventually, when I get time I want to play along.

I am loving the Daiquiri font for thickers right now. I love that the font is tall and skinny.

I think I have a new addiction to Thickers. I find myself using my 40% off coupon on them every week I have a coupon.

Lisa T. Howard said...

Another great job with the Ad This challenge! And please keep up the "sounding important" talk...you've earned it! Love the purse! While I do get stuck carrying a black or brown purse from time to time, I can promise you they are not your typical ones. I am a purse snob! Not so much for the label, but for the look. I know you know what I mean! Good luck with the search for your orange bag. And make sure to share when you find it.

Rosanne said...

great layout! Love the purse too!

Peggy said...

I love your take on the Ad This LO, I think it was the best example out of all of them featured on the site.
Thanks for your comment on my blog. I love trying out new things, some of them work, some don't, but I really like the fact that, in spite of or maybe thanks to my lack of style, all my pages look different. Besides, it's just plane fun!
xxx Peggy

Lydia Siegel said...

Fabulous ad! Love your lo. I hoping to get in on that site, but since Im heading home at the end of May and still have soome dt stuff to do Im drowning in making all my los to get sent in. So hopefully I can get it in there!

I would call the usps and complain to them about the postage or have them give you something for you getting your package that way. To me it looks likes someone try to get in. Not just from tossing around. JMO. O' ya and comcast never listening. We always have trouble with that damn company, but they are better then our phone company cable. So we are stuck with them. Hope Josh's truck ggets fix soon and nothing to bad is wrong with it. Take care girlie!

Like the handbag too:)

Beth Perry said...

Yay!! You got them! hehee
Sneaks are up of the VP April kit! You gotta check this one out! It is my fave! :D
My fave thickers has been the holiday ones they made this year. The shiny red and silver ones. I loved them!!
Awesome layout and buckethead is too cute! lol
Talk to you soon! :D

Melonie said...

Super cute LO and you know I'm loving that bag!