Friday, June 27, 2008

Was it arson?

It was about 1:30 am Wednesday night. We were about to head to bed. Instead we hear 2 quick, loud popping sounds coming from outside. They sound like gun shots. So the mother in me, ends Josh out to check things out. Turns out someone had set fire to a little silver car that's been parked at the empty building on our street. The building is sorta hidden in the woods and pass the neighborhood. The car has been there about a year now. I actually thought someone lived in the building, as I have seen the car gone every now and again. Police say it was a stolen car. That had crossed my mind before but when I seen it gone I thought someone actually lived int he building. Lesson here is, if you think something just isn't right, then it probably isn't. OK then on Thursday when everyone goes out to their car, we all realize our cars had been broken into and gone through. Nothing big was taken. Kerry had a bottle of wine stolen, Josh had his meds emptied and we found the bottles at the end of the cult a sac (TG the army pays for them), Jeromy and Sarah's medical kit was taken.....I wonder if they were hurt during the fire. (some of the medical kit was used and in the road) Weird huh? They were tons of valuable things in the cars, my husbands $500 radio sitting in the back seat not installed just sitting there collecting dirt, neighbors winning off lottery tickets, other neighbors scuba diving gear. wow they really could have made some money. Thank god they were kind enough to leave that alone. So since we were awake all night Wednesday from the excitement, this is what I did. I am so loving this color combo. Green and browns. Love it. Decided its going to be my new colors in the LR after we move back to GA and buy a real house. (army houses aren't great)


Lydia Siegel said...

WOW! So cars were even broken into! Now that is crazy. Glad nothing was taken that was worth alot from you guys. AWESOME new page! Im liking the colors too. Actually our computer room/ guest room is green and brown.

Jill Deiling said...

wow that's so scary!! I'm glad they didn't take much of value, jeez. that's so weird! I can't wait til you guys can move and buy a real house too, so you can feel safe!
I love your new layout, it's adorable! :)

Jennifer Priest said...

Cute LO! What a crazy night though! Glad no one was hurt. That is so strange. And it sucks about getting your car broken into. Seems like you never get all the glass out (I've had two cars broken into over the years).

Pamela said...

Wow...crazy story!!!! Glad nobody got hurt and more wasn't stolen.

Like the LO too!!! :)