Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One Happy Mama

Ok so I can't help but to tell anyone and everyone who will listen (or read in this case) how very proud I am of my son. He is now on a sippy cup full time. No more bottles in my house. Yay Blake, you really are a big boy now. Its so bittersweet, because you will always be my baby, but I see those days slipping away a little more each day. He never took a pacy so that's a plus. He is only 14 months old. WTG Baby.

His pediatrician says all babies should be off the bottle by 18 months at the oldest. Otherwise it can start teeth problems with over bites, decay all that nasty stuff that you just don't want your kid to have. Or at least I don't. I know they are tons of kids out there 2 and 3 years old still on a bottle. Those kids are big enough to let it go. It's a comfort item for them not something they need. So my advice to parents, be strong. I decided to put my foot down with Blake and be strong. I put water in the bottle and juice in the sippy gave both to him. He drank half to water from the bottle fussed at bit. Went to bed, the next morning, I gave him a sippy with juice and he drink without any problem and has been bottle free ever since. We are going on day 4 now without a bottle.

I want to take an artistic photo of the empty bottles to scrap his accomplishment. Too bad I already threw out all the Dr Browns, Nuks, and Gerber's (that he and I hated), but I still have a cabinet full of others. Any tips on that let me know.

And Last this is my page for the dream girls "first time" challenge. I tried to add more stitches but couldn't figure out where to put them. I love the colors on this page, and have to say its one of my favorites thus far. This is my favorite color combination at the present, oranges, greens and browns. If we were not planning to move soon, I would redecorate the house in those colors. I think I have finally got over my red days. I've even removed most of the red decor from the house. (MIL your surprised right) I think my new favorite color would be calm, earth shades of green. Blah Blah here is happy boy at the Park enjoying his first swing.


Pamela said...

Love that LO!!! Super cute!

Lydia Siegel said...

WTG Blake! You are a big boy now!

Jill Deiling said...

that's so great he's off the bottle now, what a big boy!