Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bit of everything

I'm still waiting for my gift card to come in the mail. I hate waiting for mail. On a good note I finally have all the paperwork finished and my car is now in legal order once again. Yay. I cant wait to drive it to the store and around again. That will be so nice. I still plan to drive the SUV when Blakes with me, bc its safer for him, but when its just me, I'll have to drive the mustang.

I've been thinking alot lately about Mothers and how some mother just have that mothers devotion for their child. Everyone who See's me with my son can tell I'm an A+ mother. It's something that's extremely important to me. I want my son to look back at his childhood and know he was wanted and loved. That he put the sparkle in my eye, my diamond in the sky. I feel a mother is suppose to love and adore her child, more than anything and Especially anyone in this world. Know I do love my husband, but my love for Blake is a different kind of love. If my hubby cheats or hit me than that's it, but with Blake that is different. They are nothing in this world I wouldn't do, or give up for him. He can turn out to the gay, and I will still love him the same. He can fall in love with a girl from another race and that would be completely fine with me. With this said, I don't understand how some mothers don't have these same feeling toward their children. How can a mother sleep at night when she hasn't spoken to her young child all day. I cant imagine going to bed at night without my child under the same roof. They are no way I could get any sleep. I cringe at the fact that I will have to force myself to allow Blake's grandmothers to keep him from time to time when we move back to GA. I will learn but he will be older. I know they both would take excellent care of him, I just don't trust anyone with my boy. In my opinion No one can care for him like I can. How can a mother think about what she doesn't have material wise, when she has her child. That love makes her a millionaire in my mind. A small child's love is unconditional and they deserve that same love back. I dont get it? can someone explain this to me.

The new challenges are posted over at Scrap stars, and dream girls now. Im going to try to do both. Will have to see. One is for glitter bling platium stuff, which I love and the other is for the first time at something. Sounds fun right? Dream girls has a nice prize pack and I think the other site has a prize too, not sure. Here are a couple of my latest pages. Hope you enjoy!


Lydia Siegel said...

Aww sweety, I feel you about leaving him with grandma. I have 3 and its hard for me too do that; BUT lords knows I need my break. When dh and myself are having some alone time. You will catch both us talking about all 3 of our babies. Either it be a song playing that reminds us or something we see. However it is hard. I check on my babies at least 5x before going to bed. Let me also mention, checking all windows and doors to make sure they are lock! It does get a little easier as they get older, but I still cant sleep without them in the house.

Pamela said...

Love them all!! You do awesome work!

Michelle said...

Lovely los. I like your style. :D