Sunday, March 31, 2013

Updates, rain, anniversary

I thought it was about time I gave this old blog a makeover. One can't really revive unless they put in a little effort.  I followed the trend, and went with a clean and simple design using colors I love. A beautiful Aqua shade paired with pink and gray.!  This nearly breath taking, well at least in my eyes, shade of green/blue has always been one of my favorites and I love seeing it in style, season, fashion now.  Now thats over with.
March 29, 2013 was my 10th wedding anniversary. Oddly enough, we were married exactly a year after we first meet. Some said that was crazy, others said it would never last, but for us it worked. A military career including deployments & injuries, 6 cars, 5 homes,  2 kids, and a dog later were still hanging in there. Marriage is not easy but you make it work if you want too.

March 29, 2003. 

Georgia has been nasty, windy, cold and wet so I'm still waiting to take some shots to show you some new scrappy work.  If the lovely crazy Georgia weather clears up soon, I will get on that.   I finally got around to using Cosmo's Mr Campy line.  I've only had it since like 2008 or something close to that. I loved the line in the store, but once I made it home, I didn't have any clue how to use it.  Does that ever happen to you? So it sat around only to be pulled out looked at and stuck  back in the drawer.  Fast forward to an almost two year long scrappy break, and two little adventurous boys playing in the leaves in our backyard.  Suddenly the papers and the photos were perfect and the pages fell together without effort.  I literally used 99% of the all papers that I had purchased from this collection.  I was a scrappy happy gal that night.

Now that the Easter Bunny has came and left his goodies I am heading back to bed.  Happy Easter Bloggy friends!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Happy anniversary and Happy Easter!! Loving the new look of the bloggy ... and I hear ya.. I am on a HUGE DE-stash mode this year ... I have used up sooooooo much stuff so far, and I look at some of the stuff and I am like.... huh??? Why did I buy this??? LOL!!!

Lisa said...

Happy, happy anniversary! I totally agree that there is no "one recipe" for what makes a marriage work with regard to how long you have known each other prior to marriage. It is more about all those things you mentioned.

As far as scrappy supplies goes... Holy. Cow. Do I ever have a stash of stuff that seemed perfect in the store but left me scratching my head at home. I recently made a mini book (posting to my blog this week) with product that did just that. Once I finally figured out what to do with the product line, it fell into place just like you said. Easy peasy.

Hope you had a lovely Easter with your kiddos. Happy Monday! -Lisa

Mo said...

Happy Anniversary to you! I do love the blog design. Aqua is one of my favorite colors and put up on a very simple background puts it at center stage! Gorgeous!