Thursday, March 5, 2009

So whats in style anyway

After becoming a stay at home mom, I lost all interest in fashion. I don't know whats in, whats out, who's popular, or who's wearing what, if pinks the new black or any of that. My question, here in Georgia the giraffe bag is everywhere. So I was wondering are these handbags so popular in your state also? Are they everywhere you look?

So with that said, I thought I would do some browsing to see whats out there so far for summer fashion. Lately I've been feeling depressed about my weigh and lack of style. I think it has a lot to do with being back in Georgia, not far from my hometown, therefore bumping into all my old friends etc. My supermodel skinny size 1 sister doesn't help matters either.

Forever21 has some beautiful pieces right now.
I absolutely love this dress.
I love the colors and the cut.
I could rock this dress, It would be fabulous!

And of course this would make the outfit chic.
Love it together. Will be getting a yellow bag soon.

I thought this was lovely too.
Also forever21 and less than $20.

I thought this was an awesome top.
Its probably not something
I could pull off anymore but its has great style and vivid color.
Its defiantly not a plain Jane kinda tee.

Love these in the summer months.
They are making the list shopping list for sure.


Lisa T. Howard said...

Hi Cathy! Love your fashion scavenger hunt finds! I know how it feels when you are at home with the kiddos feeling like you have lost site of the rest of the world. It does get better about 18 years! LOL! Really was kidding! Where in Georgia do you live? My fiance lives in, in Asheville, NC. Long story! BTW, you have one of those skinny little sisters too? Love mine to death, but am secretly jealous of her tiny little! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope you have a great day!

Lydia Siegel said...

Girl I hear you. My style is a little out there. I have to always recheck myself before "TRYING" to buy anything. Only cause I feel that sometimes Im still stuck in my early 20s for style. Since I became a mom all that went right out the door. Well in the last year and a half its starting to look up. Its funny that you mention your skinny sister. Im the skinny sister here and I feel like you. I feel that Im too thin one day, I hate my body shape the next, wish my boobs were bigger the next, and then some days Im happy with myself, but then again all that is cause of depression. So its really hard for me to like me alot of times. Im usally a hermit(sp?). I wish I can find out out going self again. I guess that is just going to have to wait till I get my fashion stuff in full gear.

Debbie said...

Want to see you with these on You know you could rock this style!!!

Brynn said...

I really like the butterfly shirt and the gathered capris. Aren't we supposed to "NOT CARE" what anyone else thinks?!?! lol.

sarah said...

i say whatever you feel comfy in should be "stylish". i do like that purse with that dress for sure! i say buy it! hehe.

i'm online shopping right now too and i'm trying to find some cute dresses. i'm not having any luck... any ideas where to look?


Beth Perry said...

Hey girl!! I love your banner, too!
and you have got great style! I love all the clothes you picked out. They are super chic and pretty! And I LOVE THAT BAG!! I love yellow soooo much!
Have a good weekend!

Jill Deiling said...

those giraffe purses are everywhere here too! I think its crazy how big of a trend it is right now, haha.
forever 21 does have a ton of cute stuff right now! Ive been shopping there like crazy! I think you would look soo cute in those shirts, pants and dress, you are into the bright patterns, i love them!

Ann said...

Well, I can honestly say that in the Upstate of SC that those animal print bags in that style, but different animal prints are being used by alot of people around here. I know cause I notice small stuff like that. I think they are cute. They would never fit my t-shirt/jean style though. And it's polos and kahki's for work for me.

Kiwi The Kreator said...

the giraffe is big in louisiana, too...who MAKES those?

Shell said...

Hey Cathy, thanks for stopping by my your style! Down in Australia I have never seen one of those giraffe bags, would love to get my hands on one and start the trend here though!! I wear a lot of black and black and black lol that bag would look great and brighten me up!!