Friday, January 16, 2009

I am funky & fabulous for a day

An enormous Thank ya' to my dear friend Lydia ,who gave me this classy award. I love it.

How awesome right! So now here is what I got to do. I must list 5 addictions, and 5 people I'd like to honor with my "classy award" also. Ok, first with addictions...

  1. I love Sweet Tea.
  2. I love high heels.
  3. I love American craft products.
  4. I love straws, must have one in my drink always.
  5. I love photography and it lead me to scrapbooking.
I am passing this honor to this wonderful scrappers.
  1. Brynn
  2. Pamela
  3. Sasha
  4. Sollie
  5. Sarah

This wonderful award was given to me by Sarah. Her pages are always so full of color, layers, a little funky and well I love her style. Check her out, and if your not into scrapping, she has a cute little schnauzer named Maui to adore.

I am giving this award to 5 very talented woman. I love their creativity and funky style.

So today I am funky and fabulous, and tomorrow I'll go back to being boring ole me. (shrugs)

**And as always if I have award you, and you don't want to play along that is 100% fine.


sarah said...

i nomimated you on my blog for an award, but don't feel obligated to do it if you don't want to! :)

hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Pamela said...

You ARE fabulous! And...Thank you so much!!!!

Lydia said...

You are so welcome! I have to admitt another adiction is sweet tea too! tasty :)

sollie said...

Thanks a lot for the nomination. You are fabulous too :-)

Mika said...

Hi there, was nice to read your blog.
Mika (

Sharmaine said...

Hi Cathy :) Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments on my blog. Glad you did, as I can now read yours ;)

Liz Weber said...

Hi Cathy, so nice to read about you here and I LOVE your sketches and have copied them all into my sketch folder, thanks for sharing!

You definitely need to do some scrapping soon - I had to go back through quite a few posts to see your layouts - which are gorgeous BTW.

I look foward to you using some of my sketches.

Hope the new house is wonderful!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

thank you cathy!!