Monday, September 29, 2008

House hunting

Look I squeezed in a few minutes to scrap. Ok I'm slowing working on a new page. Problem is Me and the Embellishments are not agreeing on anything, so we decided to do nothing. I need some inspiration. My lack of space isn't helping either. I guess you can tell your addicted when you are forced to sit inside a small closet in the floor to scrap. Yep, I miss my scrap table, and papers and my ME time. I cant wait until we can find a house. In the mean time I'm day dreaming of my scrap room. Im thinking tiffany blue with touches of hot pink with zebras prints and black furniture and frames. Or something a bit more calm like your traditional yellow and black.

So I think we are in for a long and dreadful house search. This week we looked at a few houses. We toured this house and I hated it. I really love the split foyer style , but this is not our house, and I dont care to see another.

The inside stinks. Its very small and all the rooms are extremely square. The owners or previous tenants went crazy with the paint. It was everywhere it should not be. The trims and ceiling were covered where they didn't bother to tape.

For the house flippers out there in North Georgia, I found you a home. The asking price here is cheap at 44,500, and it has 3/4 acres of land. This house needs updating to be pretty again.

The search shall continue......and in case you were wondering the chairs were gone.


Beth Perry said...

Good to hear from you! I like the layout you created. I understand about the small space issue. My "space" is one wall in our bedroom. I long to have a whole room to myself one day! lol

Have a good week!

Lydia said...

Sucks that the chairs were gone! So sorry to hear that the house hunting isnt going so good. Hope all starts to look better soon.

Lydia said...

Remember when you had a problem with not having anyone to leave a comment? What did you do to get that fix? Another person I know is having the same problem and cant figure it out.

Melonie said...

I know looking for a house can be a tedious job but I did just hear on the radio this morning that it is a buyers market. They say it is the best time to buy so long as you aren't trying to sell. You might just be in luck. Wishing you a speedy search.

sarah said...

cuuuuuuute layout! i'm totally loving the design!


Babydoll said...

I love that layout!! Such a cute title!