Thursday, July 31, 2008

Closing one chapter

So Josh got his official ETS orders today. As of October 10, he will be out of the army. Scary thought, but I'm so ready. He was lucky enough to have time saved up, so if everything goes well, we will be able to pack up and leave Colorado at the end of August. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. That would work out so much better for us financially speaking rather than waiting until September to leave. Ohhh so much to do. Packing, cleaning, and all that rest that goes with moving from one state to another. Colorado is very nice but I cant wait to go home again. This July makes 5 years we have been away. For the last three of those, we have lived here in CO and have not been home. Both mothers and Sam (my sister) flew out to see Blake, when he was born but that's it. They cant wait to get their fingers on my boy. ohhh its going to be hard sharing that baby love.Josh and I have had him all to ourselves for the last 15 months. So who wants the first kiss from this cute face?

I am trying to get the last couple photos I want to scrap, scraped before we move. I know for a while, couple of months probably, I will have very little net access and scrap time. This is my latest page. Blake wearing his shades finally riding forward in the car. Yay. Ive been starring at this pic for over 3 months now with no clue how to scrap it. On the left is a folded coffee filter and I added these little silver bullet dot things. I dont know who makes them. I still feel the space between it and the yellow ric is empty and needs something, but I'm not sure what. Any ideas?


Babydoll said...

Love the new page!! Good luck with the packing! :)

Lydia said...

This lo is awesome just the way it is! And I would love the first kiss! :P Messy kisses are the BEST!! HAHA...Well that is what my dad always told me.

Well I hope he has enough time saved up. Good luck with the move and hope it all runs smoothly!

Kawi said...

So cute! Love your tittle!

Jill Deiling said...

i think it looks great just the way it is!
im so glad you guys get to go home soon. it will be so nice for you to be somewhere you want to be and to be able to be around all the people you love!
it does make me pretty depressed that you wont be scrapping for awhile or chatting on the net though, ill be so lonely! :(

Debbie said...

I so hope that I get the first kiss or I am gonna be pushing everyone out of the way and knocking people over to get at him ;) I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!