Sunday, August 3, 2008

Its August

....and therefore our last month in Colorado. I "must" get out and take a few fotos of the city. Josh and I put in our 30 day notice on Thursday, so there's no turning back now. Do you want to know our plans? The movers will be here on the 21st to pack our house, and our things be Georgia bound. Then once the house is empty (except for the essentials) I will be busy cleaning and scrubbing it down that weekend (yes I'm the type that expects all my deposit back!) Monday morning we will drop off the keys and be homeward bound. Exciting! I cant wait for everyone to see and meet Blake. I know they will love him as we do.

I made this Layout last night, when I couldn't sleep. It just sorta feel together. I "borrowed" one of my DH old uniform patches for it. After all he is getting out, so he doesn't really need them anymore does he? ;) This entire page was made from my scrap bin. I love when that's possible. The little soldier guy and flag are made by Me and my big ideas, and Ive had them
for about 4 years now. I know wow, but I really like them on here. I know its not hugely embellished but anyhow...... Smooches to all. ~ Pink Cadillac ( no one has called me that in sooo long.)


Lydia said...

WOW! Already and you guys be coming home. The thing I didnt like about ETSing, was the cleaning. Have fun with all that!

Lydia said...

I really havent found any dhesives I like too much. The main ones I like are actually from the dollar store. They last me a good awhile, but they havent seem to have anymore as of lately. Other then that I have been using the duck one that they sell at SBC.

Melonie said...

Super cute LO! Best of luck with the move. I am sure once you are all settled back in Georgia you will be so happy.

Babydoll said...

Hi Cathy! Love the layout. Stop by my place...YOU WON!!

Beth Perry said...

Thank you for the comment on my sunshine lo!

Good luck with the move. I live in St. Louis and my little bro happens to be in CO right now. He is traveling with his band for a couple of weeks and playing at bars.

Have a good week!

Kristen =) said...


I just wanted to tell you how smart you are to have movers.... I just moved and I will tell you it was the worst thing I have ever done. I still have not completely settled in my new apartment.

Talk to you soon.

Lydia said...

Hey there. My boys are in K and 2nd.

Lydia said...

Hey how did you get the scrapstar on your page? I copied and paste it right under my sbc one and its not showing up? What am I doing wrong?

Pamela said...

Love the LO!!!