Friday, April 25, 2008


It is 2:20 am. I am tired and sleepy but my little man Blakers, is wide awake. He is watching cars (again) and drinking his bottle. Hopefully it will make him very sleepy and we can go to bed. I was going to try to catch up on some pages but I don't even feel like doing that. I'm growing more and more behind. Ahhh. I hate headaches. Enough complaining.

Today we attended the memorial service for one of Josh's fellow service members. His name was Michael Salsman. The hospital believes he died from alcohol withdraw. I didn't even realize that was possible, but then again I don't drink alot. Its just not my style I would rather spend the money on Blake or scrapbook supplies......hehehe! I have been trying to get Blake to learn Hey and Bye for weeks now. He always looks at me like Im crazy or completely ignores me. Well today, this kid was telling everyone bye and sticking his hand up. It was so cute. The best part, I know he is learning even if I think he isn't.

Blake also experienced the grass for the first time. It was still somewhat prickly and semi green/ brown. He wasn't sure at first then he kinda liked it. He took off his socks and rubbed his feet around in it. It was so cute. I didn't get a picture bc we were at the memorial service and I didnt bring my camera. I thought it would be mean to not let him down during that time, he was so restless and bored. Plus I'll have another chance once he starts walking and the grass really turns a bright shiny green. He will love that.