Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back to school with Skylanders & a pair of skinny jeans.

Summer is over and B is back at school.  Our summer was spent indoors.   Why?  Rain  Rain  Rain,  rain rain rain,  Rain Rain rain oh and more Rain.  In our part, of the world it rained all summer.  Literally pretty much every day, on and off all day.  Real Bummer!!! 

We stayed busy with trips to the library and played skylanders.   They both love skylanders.  Little B mainly watches brother play but he is intrigued. 

It's hard to believe, we have been back at school for an entire week. 

B is in 1st grade this school year.  I love it, but I also hate the thought of Kindergarten being over?   

Already!  It just seems wrong.  Happened to quickly for this mamma. I enjoyed having a Kindergartner. 

Such  a Sweet little time in their lives. 

He is all smiles on the first day! 

Noted the rain of the ground at 7am.  

We had a fun time school shopping this year.  He is your typical boy and was picking things out and other times he was ready to go.   In the end, I think we did pretty good.  I wasn't to fond of these no tie converse, as I wanted the regular black ones, but these do look so adorable on him. I love them now!!! I believe You have to let kids have their own style, so they can become their own little strong minded and independent person.  It will boost their confidence levels, if they like and feel good about their outfits.  I can't stand when parents won't let their child have a "kiddie" backpack, skinny jeans, kiddie character shirt, or a pink shirt etc. See the true blue skinny jeans B picked out all by himself.  They are actually semi-skinny jeans so I was happy about that., as I HATE skinny jeans on boys/teen/men.  Yuck!!

Missing from the photo is his sneaker.  I waited too long for shoe shopping and they were out of his sizes in every shoes we liked so I had to order these and wait for shipping.  The Reebok Zig is a great shoe and it last.  (disclaimer: he wears 3-4 pairs of shoes throughout the entire school year from beginning to end)  But his zigs from last year are still great looking shoes.

And of course, He had to get a Skylanders Backpack.  

Wishing all the children who are back at school safe and happy school year .  

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Awwwwwwww loving the pics!!!!! And total opposite -- we only had like 3 days of rain here this summer ... living in the desert sucks!! Brookie was Miss Independent this year ... she didn't want a character backpack -- we showed her Hello Kitty, Disney Princess, Lala Loopsy ... nope not having it ... she wanted a 'big kids' backpack ... with just girly colors, no characters, nothing :( our babies are getting big on us! :(