Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hello all!!

We are still trying to get settled and get the new house completely live in ready.  This means I am busy painting, buying and decorating.  Therefore this leaves no time for crafts.  All my things are still pack up and waiting patiently to come on again.  I will be back, but in the mean time I will have a pretty house first.  


Melonie said...

Can't wait to see:)

Susan said...

Hi Kathy, how are you? I'm not on hardly at all these days but took a random notion today to check in and see what happens. I haven't scrapped in maybe 2 years now since my 3rd child was born and I'm expecting number 4 any day now so still no more scrapping although loads of ideas, the most recent being I want to make a mini birthday album for each child that feature maybe 2 photos from each birthday so I can add to it over the years but it's nothing too difficult to accomplish! lol. Anyway, glad you are settling in well to your new house. How are your boys? They must be growing up so fast I'm sure as mine are. Did you set up a craft room in your new house? I've lost my crating room as it became a child's bedroom and now my stuff is squashed into the master bedroom. Hope you're all well.