Saturday, May 29, 2010

baby update

...............Happy Memorial Day.....................

We are spending a quite weekend at home. I am officially on Maternity leave now. 12 weeks with no work....ahhh, it sounds so refreshing, until I think of the labor pains, BIRTH, and 2 hour around the clock feedings. I will love the feeding part.

As the days pass, I am growing more and more uncomfortable. My sciatic nerve hurts all the time, sending stabbing pain down my leg that I can't put any weigh on it at times. Oh and the pressure I have so much pressure down south, and its so not a good feeling. But on a good note, my last check-up went great. He is right on schedule measurement wise and his heartbeat is always strong. I am officially 33 weeks now, but my doctor thinks he will be from 1-2 weeks early. Therefore we could have a baby in 5 weeks, eeeek! He is due on July 17th and I would love for him to get here on July 12. Blake was also due on the 17th of April, and he made his arrival on the 12th thus the reason.

So many people are asking me if we plan to have a baby shower. My sister and mother in law want to throw us one so I'm still not really sure. I didn't have one with Blake, and after the military I don't have friends. Its so hard to keep in touch when you are moving around all the time. So if that gets worked out I'll let everyone know. I did sign up for the baby registry at Target for those who have asked. I know its kinda bear, but I can't really remember what a baby needs. Oh that sounds bad! I think I'm becoming anxious about going from one to love to two. I don't really know why though.

On to the scrappy. I am currently stuck on page I started over a week ago. I think I went to traditional and straight lined with it. Maybe I will post a quick shot and ask for advice as Im sure you gals would know just what to do. This week I was able to do 2 pages. So I will leave you with my last 2 layouts. Blake playing in the snow for the first time and just a quick page of some of his favorite things right now.

Jury Duty was slow went okay. I didn't get picked, but I dont guess they really want a pregnant mother on a child molestation case. (shrugs)

Take care of your family this weekend, and be careful if you venture on to the streets.
Hugs, Cathy


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

They didn't want U on that case???? I'm shocked!! LOL!! Kidding!!! Hope everything goes well for U! :):):):):):):):):):) Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee the pages!! Just gorgeous! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

anazelia said...

Well if the baby shows up on the 9th that is a great day. Tom Hanks, born on the 9th, Albert Einstein born on the 9th and of course yours truly, ME. So that is a great day. LOL.

I know with Gracie, my youngest, I was miserable down there. Felt like she was going to fall out whenever I stood up. So I hope the last few weeks goes quickly.

Oh and I LOVE that snow page. Beautiful.

anazelia said...

Ok ignore the Albert Einstein one, he was not born in July. not sure what I was thinking.

Peggy said...

I'm glad to hear all went well with the check-up, but sorry to hear you're experiencing some pain right now. I was in pain during most of the time of my 3 pregnancies, something to do with the pelvis, don't know the english word for it, but I had wonderful painless births, so that made up for that! I'm sure you'll forget all about it when he's born! Don't worry about going from one to two children. I remember worrying I wouldn't possibly be able to love the second child as much as my first ... I was so wrong! I love all of my 3 children equally, we mothers have lots of love to share! It's normal to feel this way, so don't worry my friend.
Your LO's are beautiful, I love them. I should really start putting down their interests at the moment as well, we forget so quickly!
Hugs xxx Peggy

Melonie said...

I'm glad you are home now and can relax a little more. I had Sciatic nerve issues with Evan and it was awful so I feel your pain. (((HUGS))) and the one to two love comes so quickly you won't know what hit you:)