Wednesday, May 20, 2009

She'd be california, if california was a girl

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I want to do something with my hair for the summer. And so I can refrain from the urge to cut it short again. I love it for 2 weeks, than hate it for the 2 next years, while it slowly grows. I'm thinking about adding some color to it. What color do you guys like? Suggest away!

So I grabbed the camera and this is me right now, well ok like 5 minutes ago. As you can see I have this boring kinda reddish, brown strange color going on.

This darker color!

3 blond highlights here
with a medium brown base

This is my natural color
with really blond highlights.

Does anyone out there in blog land have either of these? We walked into a local thrift store and B saw one of these playhouses and totally loved it. Only that particular one was ridiculously priced, badly faded, and worn out. So we want to get him one for outside play and to store some of his outside toys in. The first one has a plastic floor system and the 2nd one does not. opinions?

Check this out. B spotted this and ran over to it. After another lady, in the store followed us around for an hour, including all the way to the checkout counter, we scored this carry along case with one side filled with trains for $1.91. Fabulous find, fabulous price and best part, Blake has not stopped playing with it since we bought it. Gotta love that. He is starting to get into Thomas the train now, so we are going to try to buy him a few more pieces to fill the other side. Does anyone know where to buy the trains cars for this set at? They have magnets on both ends to connect them together. I found them online, but I would rather let B pick out the ones he wants or likes.

After looking at a few recent photo's of myself, I have come to realize, that I also need a completely new closet. Yep, my clothes are beyond hideous and dare I say comfortable. Stacy and Clinton would hate that description. Too comfortable, and a few sizes too small, which is definitely not a good thing for my self-confidence or body image. Think Plain Jane! Think I'm kidding, here's the proof. I really hate this pic of me.

Yikes right! If you really want to know how you look in a particular outfit or just in general, take a pic and stick it up on the computer and its all clear. The screen wont sugar coat ya. Don't y'all even say I look good, because you know that would be a little white lie. Need more proof...that girl (above) and this girl (below), yeah two different girls in two different worlds. Rascal flatts song She'd be California, if California was a girl comes to me, except above it would be more like She'd Alabama if, Alabama was a girl. (disclaimer: I dont have anything against Alabama, I just dont know fo anything fabulous in that state.)

I really want to get back to being me. So here are the first additions to my new style. These fabulous tops followed me home today. Love them.

I got this new phone case by Betsy Johnson too. I really love her free style and creative outlook in her work, clothes, and life. My new phone was really taking a beating already, and with a touch screen thats not a good thing.

Of course, I had to get one of these too. They are everywhere, here in the south and there's not a better place to start to reinvent a new self style, than with the trendist item around. I still added a bit of me with the yellow. Its not the popular choice of brown, black, red and pink.

In my search to find this paper today, without success, these other 3 sheets also followed me home. In not a huge Basic Grey fan, but I liked these so we shall see what comes of it. I'm hoping it use it right away.

At last, here is little B in his croc look-a-likes. He loves these shoes. I often find him wearing these shoes, just like this. No pants, just his diaper, shirt and shoes. I think its CUTE though, and it gives me that little last piece of baby to hold on too.


Jocelyn said...

I love the the pic with the 3 blond highlights with the brown base!!!!! Keep the length....I have been short for so long because I can never get past a certain point when it is growing I cut it short again. Love the all the tops....they are so cute!!!! We have one of the play house for has the floor in the bottom and is great because we had one without the floor and when it rains the inside of the house floor is always wet or muddy!!!!! Love your find of the like that price!!!!! Yummy BG...I have several pieces of the same paper and love it!!!!!! Yay for you....makeovers are FUN!!!! Have a great Wednesday, sweet friend!

Lisa T. Howard said...

You asked for opinions so I'll give you mine. Just remember, opinions are like butt holes, everyone's got! I always laugh when I think of this phrase. Anyway, keep your hair long and just add highlights. Pretty golden highlights. You are such a pretty lady, I think it will highlight your features.

As for the wardrobe make over...WTG!!! I've been laughing lately at the fact that I could have a brand new wardrobe if I would just lose 10 pounds. It's hanging in my closet. Too bad we don't live closer. I'm looking for a friend who will be brutally honest about some of the things I own and can't decide whether to keep or not. Make overs are always more fun with someone to help you along.

Gotta know where you got those adorable tops. You and I totally share a liking for the same style! And didn't you post something about this purse a while back? Or a similar one? I LOVE IT! Such a cool addition to your wardrobe! BTW, I love watching What Not To Wear! Keith will kill me for sharing this, but he will watch it with me for hours. I think he actually likes it too. lol!

Good luck with the train and the playhouse. I'm sorry but I'm not much help there. And the papers are great. I have the first 2 and LOVE them! Can't wait to see what you make with them!

Keep us posted on the makeover...I'm loving it!!!

Anonymous said...

I like your colour hair that you have now, but since you want a change, I'd say blonde for summer and darker for winter(although I just did the complete opposite and am darker now from blonder) *sigh*

We had one of those houses, but it was a really faded second hand one, it had no floor, but I didn't even know they came with floors.

Love the tops, I'm so loving that style right now.

deana said...

I'm lovin' the highlights... long or short... both would be cute!

PS... thanks for the SWEET comment on Julie's blog... made me smile! :-)

sollie said...

I think you look great with the dark hair. But the highlights are nice too.

Ann said...

I like the blonde highlights on the brown base, and the length in that picture is perfect. Summery look. Normally I'd have my color done by now, but money is tight. What's new about that? Love the tops you picked out. I have been in a fashion funk down and have been wearing t-shirts and jeans. I need to go shopping and get back to being a girl. Just work and life is so darn busy.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Keep the length....but go BLOND!!!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE your fun purchases....wish I knew more about Thomas....(sorry)....and love love love the papers!!! And that photo of B..............tooooooooo cute! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

Melonie said...

Love the blond for you! Not trying to be opinionated but since you asked. If your Thomas trains are metal with magnets they came from Target. Evan had the wooden and metal sets. Target has other carrying cases that fold out and have tracks too. IF you are looking for the wooden variety, A.C. Moore is the best place to shop. They have EVERY train and building ever made and you can usually use the 40% coupons on them unless they are already on sale. Ebay also has wooden trains reasonably priced, but seriously check AC Moore.
We also had a playhouse and my kids LOVED it. Now they use it as a lemonade stand:) Ours has no floor but my Sis has one that does. Either way they kill the grass:)
Ok I'll stop talking now:) Love your new tops too. GO YOU!

Beth Perry said...

Love LOVE THOSE shirts!!! And I really think you look hot with the dark hair!! (but I am biased hehe)
Can't wait to see what you design with your new B.G. paper!
Talk to you soon! HOpe you have a wonderful holiday weekend !

sarah said...

cuuuuuuuuuute shirts, cathy! as for your hair... it looks good all ways! maybe you cud get side swept bangs... i'm not sure if you are into bangs, but it's something new you could potentially try.. can't wait to see what you decide on.