Monday, June 29, 2009

Seriously 140

Here is sketch #150 over at Scrapbook challenges. I didn't do this one, but I really love the little bird perched on the ribbon, with the scattered buttons. If you play along link it up so everyone can leave you some love.

I am at my heaviest weight ever, and thats starting to freak me out. I'm going to go ahead and put it out there, I dug out the old scales and today, I weight a nasty disgusting 140 pounds. OMG! What! Seriously, Are you sure 140? I know 140 is not fat for my height, and many woman would love to be at this weight. BUT I'm not one of those! OK, Two years ago when Blake was born, I weighted in at 145 pounds, 9 months pregnant. Yes I realize I had a baby blah blah, but what you dont know is I walked out of the hospital in a pair of size 7 Juniors jeans. Today I cant get those over my hips. I have definatley let my self go and I'm slowly working on finding me again and all that applies.

I've never been a fan of exercise. I cant commit to a real workout, and I'm not big video game person, but recently I find myself wanting a Nintendo Wii. I think we are going to purchase this console because it has a nice selection of fitness games. I've read many reviews and most people say they really get you sweating.
Does anyone out there have the Wii? Fitness or excerise? Does it work? Have you experienced in real results?

Last but not least Look what I got from the lovely Trisha. If you have not visited her blog before, do so. She is extremely talented and shares beautiful pages and awesome sketches. The rules say 7, but I can't narrow it down today, so I am nominating all my favorite blog friends for this superb award. Play along if you would like.


Jocelyn said...

I do have the Wii exercise program and It can kick your butt!!! Not easy,,, and I wish I could say that I have had great results...but I don't do it like I should!!!!! I am in the same boat with you and want this weight off...but just cannot commit to a program!!! Maybe we can be an inspiration for one anothe!!!! :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I hear ya on the weight!!!! LOL!!! CONGRATS on the AWARD! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

Lisa T. Howard said...

Ahhh, the wonderful weight demon is visiting you. I'm so sorry. He has been lingering at my house for a couple of years now. And I AM working out. I'm even eating all the right things. My problem is the "extras" I eat when I'm with Keith on the weekends. Keeps me from losing this excess flesh! UGH!

We do have a Wii fit daughter has one, my son's girlfriend and Keith. It is a blast. If you do it regularly, I think you could really see results. I am in decent shape for the most part and it can kick my butt.

Try not to sweat it too much, girl. You are one beautiful lady and you will get things in the order you want them soon. Remember slow and steady wins the race. At least that is what I keep telling myself! Ha!

Lydia Siegel said...

Hey girlie! We have the Wii and the fit program that came with it. Yes, if you do it regularly or at least every other day and watch what you eat you can lose. Not as much as you like, but you will lose. I did it for 3wks m-f and onlly lost 2 lbs. I too am gaining wieght and Im not liking it. Im 5'2 and I sit at 135lb. for my hieght im over weight. To be at a normal wieght for my hieght I need to lose 10 more lbs.

Lydia Siegel said...

Each one is anywhere from 2mins -10mins. depending on which one you do. They are not that long. They have carido and strenght and yoga. now once they think you have master the ones you do they will open up more for more time. Like if they start you off at 10 reps and you master it. It will open another for 20 reps and so on once 20 reps are master. Now if you do the step, boxing, and running/jogging workout those too will open up more for longer time. I LOVE THE RUNNING IN PLACE. I have it open up for 30mins. I can run 3miles for 10mins. I yet havent tryed the 20mins or 30 mins yet. Plus, I too want to buy more workout videos for it.

Lydia Siegel said...

You dont need to buy anything extra. Unless you want more controls and the nunchucks. You will many use the nunchucks when you are boxing. I dont know what you mean by Wii fit version?! All I know its the one that comes with the console.

O' yes you will need an extra control. Once you open the 2nd part of the running. Cause you will need another person to run with you.

Lydia Siegel said...

Ok, well no I dont have that one. I had to buy the balance board, but it didnt come with anything.

Danielle said...

I know, I am not the only person who hates what she weighs. I feel like the grossest person ever right now, but we have to stop seeing ourselves like we "used" to be, and appreciate who we have become. (doesn't that sound so insightful? I don't mean a word of it, I'll admit it. Just wanted to make you feel better. LOL)
Anyway, we have a WII, the kids jump all over the place!!
Good luck darlin'. Thanks for visitng my blog!!

salme said...

You're not alone ;-) I've had two kids and haven't gone back to my previous weight which makes me so frustrated.

Wii is good, it'll get you sweating. I tried it but scrapbooking is the only hobby that I managed to have this long. Hehehe...

sarah said...

oi. i hate thinking about weight. haha.

anyway, i love that sketch!!!!

have a great 4th,


PS - i love stalking your blog as well. ;)

Melonie said...

Hey you! Sorry I have been MIA! We have the regular Wii with a sports game that has tennis, boxing, bowling, etc. The tennis and boxing are a good workout. I work up a sweat everytime and I love to keep going because I must beat my personal best:) We are thinking about getting the actual fit program too but you can get a really good workout with the sports disc too. Hope you have a super 4th!

Debbie said...

How about the P90X or I think that is what it is I have heard nothing but good results from everyone who has purchased it?

Ann said...

I love Pamela's sketches, just haven't had time to do them lately.
I know how you feel about the weight thing. I am 135 now. Not over sized for my height, but not what I use to be. I could go on, but with what you posted...I am in the same boat as you.
As far as the Wii goes, I don't have the fitness game, but I will tell you something, bowling and tennis on the Wii kick my butt literally. Weird cause I bowl on a real bowling leauge, and never have I used those muscles. Anyhow...Those 2 games will make you sore in your muscles after you play. At least for me they do.
I started joggin with my dogs instead of just walking them, and that kicked my butt also. That last for 3 weeks. I lost 5 pounds, but gained it all back in just about one weekend.

Beth Perry said...

Well, only YOU can know when it is time for change. I don't know anything about the Wii fitness, but I have heard all good things about it too. Good luck, sweetie!
Thank you so much for the photoshop class link below. I am signing up!
Have a great 4th, babe!